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All posts created by Smitty

mine is 100 arcane not sure of others most were at least 70 as folks trained it up the week before.

all though the the random loot number gods in PFO do hate Tuffon … so actually thought i was doing well to get 3-4 !
Did 20 + of these through Monday got 3-4 structures. As with everything loots rates differ for everyone. but my luck was < 20% of the time.

They upped engineering recipe drop rates for the events not just structures so got another 20 T2 engineering recipes on top of those.. but structures .. were few and far between.
Probably new ones. Feels like they are reloading them once the ones they annoumce are killed.
I want to see a difference between feuds and wars.

Feuds are spats between companies ( no guarantee you will even find a player of the right company in that settlement..). So wandering around looking for a fight shouldn’t be that hard, only one other group can be attacked.
Meanwhile Wars mean everyone in that settlement becomes a target. I hope when a War is declared all those thornguards are going to turn into holding guards and wandering around town will get a lot harder then.
The wall thing sounds interesting but think we are a bit a away from that, perhaps with formations and such that stuff will start getting some consideration.
That sounds better .. the ones yesterday were taken out quickly mostly because once one location was found yesterday the rest just made sense or at least where to look for them was guessed at.
@ Bringslite

Wasn’t trying to be antagonistic with you on the subject, I was mainly interested if you guys had feuds up there and was seeing if these things happen to you guys a lot. Good to hear you at least mention it as good habits to get into for your folks. With a little thought most of those things are non issues. I have been in feuds for 3-4 weeks now. haven't been caught logging in at all. the only time i was attacked in town i wasn't even a target of a feud, just surrounded by 10 people and alpha striked while semi afk ( lesson learned..)

I get the feeling feuds and wars will be different, they need to be different so they have different feels and different cost.

I imagine the guards we are getting for holdings and outpost ( which from what i gather are not as tough as throne guards and are realint on the + of the structure ) will also be used in times of war.. that way the +’s on the buildings matter more and the nicer the buildings the better the guards ( just like the outpost/holdings).. but that is just a guess.

that is what I am hoping for, you have war declared on you and the Thorne guards change to the Guards like we will see in for holdings. Hope it is like this because last I heard if you kill a thornegaurd they may remember and attack you forever..

If my guess is correct the current thorn guards watching feuds is right in line with them being protectors of law, and not city guards. just my thoughts though..
Would be about 26 ores if you broke it down per ore for one suit .. so 20 seems right guess 26 would make it perfect though .. If our population grows those figures will need to change but they seem okay for now.

The lower amount also gives gathers who want to do economic gathering warfare a good chance at really effecting a hex and more of a meaning.

Many ways to deal with the issues ..

Changing their own behavior would be tacit acceptance of the status quo, which by all of the points brought up by the complaintents suggest they are in opposition to.

They don't want to change their own behavior, they want EoX to change their behavior.

Changing EoX behavior is really easy!
Have their leaders talk to Phyllain.
If Phyllain and them agree on ____________.

Phyllain tells us don’t do ____________.

We don’t do ___________.
Crafters and merchants now load things from their bank, they don’t have to carry the stuff to the AH or crafting station to make anything. So what exactly are they risking standing at the auction house or crafter station?

Asking your crafters/ merchants to check for a feud window before opening those interfaces, does not seem unreasonable.

Asking your self is there a safer place to log out besides righti n front of the bank, because you may be in a feud when you log in, is not unreasonable.

If you know you in a feud and log in a character in the middle of it, you are sort of asking to be attacked. You can always ask your pals if it is safe, if it is not ask them to run through the area so the people chase them so you can log in safely.

Many ways to deal with the issues ..
Bringslite - I don’t mean this the wrong way but how many feuds have you taken part in? How many crafters have you lost during a feud? How many times have you been killed logging in?

I see the guards as keepers of the law. They attack people that don’t follow the law. Folks who have spent influence to fight each other have followed the law and should be valid targets for each other.

My first questions are there because the way you ask them makes it sound like that is happening every hour or so to you. If your fears are hypothetical a little prevention beforehand makes all of them almost irrelevant.

If you are in hostilities with other groups, it would be wise to check your feud window before opening that crafting window / auction window.

Also get in the habit of logging out in places that are not the bank if you think you are going to be in a feud on your return.

Ask in voice comms if things are safe before logging in. ( if not you get to warn they next person logging in).
I have been killed in my tavern when I wasn’t feuded, took 10 people and the guards got 4 of them on the way out of town. So even with guards you aren’t exactly safe just standing around so to speak.