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Seems about right to have 20 as the intended max for now. That is about how much it takes to make a suit of armor right ?
To original poster , I don’t believe I know your in-game character (perhaps we have met and I just don’t recall). I do know your name based on the paizo boards and the maps you made(cool work, have used them numerous times. That goes for many of the things you guys in SE have made for the game, super props on split fires xp sheets and the goblinary site etc..).

You guys do tons of stuff for new players and veterans alike.

A few points in this thread have come up that you guys need to discuss internally and I hope you guys do. Think most of the EoX folks are all on the same page (snarky comments aside) we all understand we are at war with you guys and are probably dumbfounded that some folks in the SE do not understand what that means.

First off - think we have been through this one a few times in one way or another. There is no such thing as a non combatant for folks involved in a war if you join a settlement or alliance. You are contributing in some way shape or form.

Everyone goes on and on about influence, and gathering resources and crafting times, crafting influence, and clearing escalations being a chore. All of those things contribute to a settlement or alliance.

So in threads like this where I read non combatant I don’t get what that means at all.. I guess to some folks it means someone that doesn’t want to be a target of PvP. But unless he/she is a bartender or exotic RP dancer in your tavern, he/she is a combatant and contributor to your war effort and if we are at war they are a target.

If people are upset about this perhaps the leader types need to sit down and better define if this is an going feud, skirmish, or war. Our marching orders currently are we are at war with you guys and will remain that way for the indefinite future.
Grim’s spam recruitment messages say - we like to PvP!. Pretty straight forward that you will be fighting other players and they will be fighting you.

The ones I read from Phaeros say – you love nature (no mention of ongoing hostilities, ). Do you at least let people know that if they put on your settlement tag they become targets? If not they will find out sooner or later and you guys are doing a huge disservice to the game and those players if that conversation is not happening.
Losing players that get involved in our conflict because they weren’t expecting it is terrible for the game and you guys need to clean that up if it is indeed a problem.
Need more newer folks posting this stuff. +1

We have grown numb to some of these things because we learned to ignore it.

To add to this idea. Right click to demote or promte in the group window would be better than the \commands.
Still think you should be able to change company whenever you want. I think you need this flexibility to be able to work at holdings and outpost. Also being able to change companies is an agency thing. I don’t like the idea of the game saying what I can do for a day.
Still have concerns about company hoping which is why I brought up the idea that you have to be in a settlement hex in order to change companies. Putting a restriction that you have to run to town to drop or add addresses both our concerns about hopping. Your solution seems to only favor your viewpoint.

Think cost of feuds is something for yall to discuss , have said it over and over I don’t care about the cost.. I don’t want the game system to tell me what feud I can do when I log in. If a system is in place that says i cant join something for a day that is bad. If it says run hear to join a company that is fair.

The spawning 2 hexes away seems like a good place to start, for all players( not sure why you felt defenders should be closer).

A combat overhaul, unless you are talking of scrapping the last 3 months of work on feuds wont fix characters leaving company and joining issues. I dont think it will help with the 3rd party groups that are joining feuds to heal and fight side by side.

As it is now you get feuded by three companies and folks can do one then switch to the new company during the run to the next. Or you are in a feud fight and are low durability but want to stick around to help heal but you know if your red you will get blasted and become useless on your next death so you drop company.

Requiring people to be in a settlement hex to do those things addresses to some degree each others frustration with company hoping.
Yes coach much joy was gained from watching those things blow up.. over and over and over again!
Things that need to be fixed..

EoX changes companies to get into feuds - EBA complains we are exploiting the influence system.

EBA drops from feuded companies to avoid being rep free targets, or cause a rep loss on death. Or scout our locations as we move. - we complain that is exploiting the feud system.

You guys are in alliance groups with healers and others that are white and try to get people to red up so your white players can tab target and focus fire any red targets. This is a problem and wont be fixed soon because while settlement groups will be engaged in pvp zones 3rd party settlements will remain white.

My thoughts on the company hoping a compromise of sorts- I still feel it is necessary based on population and all the positions and jobs that need to be done to be a viable settlement. I would like to see a restriction placed that you can only leave or join a company while you are in a settlement hex. No more changing on the fly without having to run to a town.
Respawn should be no closer than 2 hexes from where you died. Corpses last 30 min plenty of time for a PvE return. And large enough to give the PvP winner a feeling of winning ( issues are X hexes and having to go a very long way if you die on elevated areas and get shuffled between elevations but it happens already so it just expands that issue and doesn’t introduce a new problem..)-

Don’t do the stealth thing much, so no real opinion.

Charging abilities, have gotten better with bleu screen - but since it is 6 months later, please find a way to run that script upon log in for the account or character, that way if it happens it doesn’t mean your out of a fight for up to an hour. And new players really don’t know what is going on at all when they get it and cant get in .. they probably are not asking nor coming back so look into fixing that if able.
Going forward with just Nhur Athemon -if you are adding this to events that will occasionally show up.

Consider rooting him in his little circle somehow. Even just rooting him and/or give him the range those crystals have would make this event a whole lot harder.
Elsworth Sugarfoot
If we weren't here there would be nothing to keep the EBA in check from controlling the whole map and everything stagnating. Someone had to stand up to you, so we sucked it up and and got blobbed for months.

The EBA would almost certainly have quietly played in our little corner of the map without bothering anyone at all - Ryan called it, and I'm pretty sure he was right - but Golgotha was down in our area killing us all the time.

That's a pretty bold lie proclaiming yourselves the defenders of the rest of the map from EBA aggression.

[Edit] For what it's worth, Ryan's prophesy kind of haunted me for a while. At least now, when I look for a silver lining, I realize that the EBA and EoX are likely the only alliances on the map who will have any experience with relentless PvP when Open Enrollment comes 'round.
Just my perspective but BS on you were happy with your little corner (also when does 20% of the map = little ??)

Why EoX is fighting EBA ( my opinion anyway..)

We had a fragile peace agreement in place …

T2 Escalations were scarce at the time, and EBA had 3-4 in their “little area”

TEO came up and cleared out Usties 2 times, once near TK and once near kindleburn ( definitely not in their little area..).

Our response was to go near one of their towns and farm mordants. AGC plops down a small holding (probably so they don’t have to go into your settlements, which you would complain about as well) and Phaeros goes nuts and starts taking towers in response to attacks on their lands… (placing a small holding in a hex to bank..)

EoX didn’t go nuts about the fighting over escalations with TEO and storm down into their area to take any towers from them when they did the same thing. We had a few skirmish style PvP encounters with them, and had some fun.

EoX returned the favor and attacked a mordants. Phaeros went all war and glory and started taking towers. This was in March and all though we had a few lulls we have been fighting each other since.
Phaeros response.. went something like .. Phaeros didn’t come out of our area, that was TEO. We were just enforcing our map and now you say all you wanted was to play in our little area… That is BS.

The map you protected was for the EBA (not just your settlement). Your allies didn’t have any issues with skirmishing over escalations outside your little corner of the world.

EBA wanted to control T2 recipes from hitting the market. Phaeros said don’t come in this area, Brighthaven went out of that area to farm them. Now we have a never ending conflict because you guys couldn’t get on the same page.

Those events broke apart a tentative agreement between our parties. One side of your alliance didn’t want to exclusively play in the little area of the map, and the other side wanted to play the protector of the claimed map.
edit got threads confused – below was in response to the Golgotha meh thread ..
If the OP is disgruntled with how this is playing out I agree with Flynn there are tons of groups we don’t attack on sight and he may be happier with one of them.

down time started 16 minutes ago.

If getting that prior to then, there was a a update yesterday and you need to repatch