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Second video is guy logging in at bank during a feud.

Have to ask what the big deal is? Both of these were taken by someone who knew folks were killing people in their settlement, so are you complaining you logged in and were killed? Or you just wanted to take pictures of it? Either way you knew what was going on because you logged someone in who died, that seems to be on you.

If you want to log out during times of war , take one of those 1k xp alts that are in the videos, strip them and log on to check your feud window or scout where your main is logged out in town with him , before you log in your main. Or ask in your voice comms if your are feuded.

You have agency to figure out if your safe to log in, if you just log in your main without checking while our groups are at war, that is on you , long as you aren’t at a shrine no issue with killing folks. Think outside the box a bit if you are worried about your main logging in create your own agency in the situation and let the devs work on other more interesting parts of the game..
Requesting a recording, if anyone can do so, will be unable to listen this evening.
Hmm what can I say that already hasn’t been said…

The current game may not be for you, it is rough around the edges and is not completely intuitive in what do, especially for people starting out. Believe it or not what you went through is actually 50 times better than it was last month. And the plan is to do another iteration of tutorial improvements in the next few weeks. Your abilities you have slotted now tell you what they do against creatures (a change we asked for that was implemented). If you target something and hover over the attack, it will tell you how effective that attack will be.

If you need a reason to stay and be involved, think about all the games you pick up and play and find something that grates on you about them. If that mechanic is so ingrained in the game that the devs cannot fix it without redoing a good portion of the game, then what could have been a promising game is no longer going to interest you at all.

PFO is still young enough and small enough that the devs listen to us and read our suggestions. You want your favorite class to be able to do ____. Take up that cause and discuss it on the forums (they get read pretty much every day).

Another reason to stay and get involved, and a link about Lore and how this is Pathfinder.

The upcoming update next Friday(July 10) introduces new server wide event. The event’s main bad guy is taken directly from the emerald spire dungeon book that was put out for table top. Many complain the TT Lore is not in the game, (you aren’t getting what you thought was your TT character in digital world). Lisa did a great job explaining the carryover from the TT world to the MMO game in this post
Each sprint the game gets a bit better, it doesn’t happen all at once, but they keep asking what we want next and they keep listening for the most part. How many other titles have you tried give you that kind of importance in the design of their game? It may take a year or more to get to the point you like it, if that appeals to you then stay and be a part of it. If you rather just try out the next title you find in hopes it matches everything you want in a game then good luck in your search, but I haven’t found one in 5 years of searching that holds my interest like this game does. Yet if you don’t believe in the vision of the game then it may not appeal to you at all.
Why should you and your friends get involved in a settlement? If you find a group of folks that want to recreate their TT adventures, start a company gain some influence and put up a inn( mine, ranch, lumber mill etc) somewhere, You may need to trade with folks for some resources to keep it functioning but they may need what you are producing too. If that sounds like too much work or more grindy than fun, lots of settlements out there would love to have you around to help them run one of their locations. Moving resources about, protecting them from bandits, keeping your location safe during PvP windows, as well as keeping escalations in your area in check. These are all activities that will need to be done.

There is just too much for a single character to do, and would be a full time commitment to event attempt it. You can try it but it is my belief you should think about an aspect of the game you enjoy and then specialize in that. Others will only like __ portion of the game and will work with you because you will be doing something they detest and will gladly work with you to keep them focused on what they enjoy.
While the blue screen has been greatly improved, im currently waiting on that script to run to get back in game…

consider raising the total time to 1 hour to account for this bug till it is fixed for good.

so instead of 15 min and 30 min husk.. have 30 min with 30 min husk.. just my thoughts as i wait for the script to finish so i can get back in game and read stuff about bill..
Tuffon made the trek from the world wound to the river kingdoms not so long ago. Although he followed a group of broken men out of that wretched place he was never foolish enough join the fight against the denizens that ruled that land. He grew up there, surrounded by demons and developed numbness to heinous acts. He honestly knows evil and what it looks like unchecked, something few people in these new lands he calls home truly understand..
He knows greed, he is familiar with spite, his background doesn’t allow him to dismiss envy. When he first discovered Pharasma’s curse (or perhaps gift..) and realized he would be spending the rest of his days in these river kingdoms he began studying the other people who shared his fate. Many of them denied these traits existed and insisted they did not carry them. They tried to hide them from themselves and from the world. Yet to Tuffon, regardless of polish or words used to gloss over them they were there glaring back at him.
For a while Tuffon felt he may be destined to wander the river kingdoms alone, until he happened upon a gruff looking dwarf from Golgotha, his eyes and words did not hide the fire that all people share, his actions didn’t hide his calling either. Tuffon decided to accompany this fierce dwarf into the wilds. What did he have to lose? A few more tatters in his shredded robes, another chip in his staff? Pharasma protected the only thing that really mattered so even if he had misread the dwarf and was climbing zombie kitten mountain to his doom.. What was the worst that could happen and how did that compared to having to spend his cursed time in the river kingdoms alone…
Got this email a week ago or so, doesn't sound like that is your issue, but figured id post it in case it is.
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What browsers does this affect?

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Settlement vs settlement in hex during feuds will not address third party paticipats in feud conflicts.
There needs to be a way for third party participants to be flagged during conflicts.
I mentioned wisdom because it probably Will be a gate to monk abilities. Keep in mind stats dont help in pfo. They are used to gate what a charcter can learn.. and im only guessing monk will use it..
Cleric domains give wisdom.. as do gathering skills scavanger and forestry. Think apothecary and iconographer crating skills do.
Could focus on gathering and a role like that. Or cleric till monks happen.. but they are a long way off.
Table top uses wis as armor bonus combined with dex. Would hope monk armor features follow that (atleast one). So may want to rasie those somehow.but that is just a guess

Base attack hp… always helpful..
You can buy any equipment at the suction houses in the game.. so dont get the comment about having to be social to get equipment.
You do have to join a pc settlement to use t2. Am pretty sure there are a few that would let you in knowing they will not interact with you.. long as you didn't start killing new players. . Or killing allies and being a nuisance. .