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Sounds as though some of the feud mechanics were addressed in listening to Lisa chat from Wednesday, so settlement vs settlement characters can participate in feuds in hexes that are being fought over starting EE10.

What that doesn’t help is the out of settlement healers showing up as third party healers and healing people but not becoming targets. Which leads to the out of settlement combat group that will be there waiting for any anyone to target those healers and gain a criminal flag so they can focus fire that person down.

Please discuss the use of 3rd party settlements and how they may be used in feuds because this still feels as though it could be an issue to me..
When will we see a new road map, the last one came out in February, The PvP engines have been the bulk of the updates for EE8-EE10. Just curious what GW is thinking is the most important things to work on next.

What if any events are planned for Gen con?( think it was mentioned last week in the chat.. but missed it)
Still my opinion that someone out side of the feud helping or contributing to one side of that feud should be flagged for the feud duration somehow.. Doing this also solves the company hoping complaint about having company identity over settlement yet no one wants to discuss that aspect..

Individual players should be able to pay some sort of cost to do so not just companies (still feel a massive rep hit of 2500 to 5000) would be better than wading in and not worrying about repeated rep hits on kills during the feud , you basically have opted into a feud at that point and remain a target… trade off is that also goes for people healing feud players.. and if you don't opt in on one side or the other and drop an AE you become a valid target for both sides..
Tabomo … i Think those folks were being used to heal the targets of our feud , at the same time keeping them from being targeted by us …

Something that i feel should be corrected a lot sooner than influence cost for feuds and alot of the other stuff ..

Can only speak for myself..

Would of loved to have had 15 folks to meet your 20 with last night.. as it stood we had about 6 or so.. which you guys eventually found by looking for us I guess. NO matter our desire to fight, 5 vs 20 is not something we are going to charge into.. at least not in tower battles(a week ago Monday we had a nice rolling battle that went on for a while.. but even then it was closer to 2 v 1 ratio not the 3 or 4 v 1 ratio it would have been last night..)

Having to declare the feud before hand and hope people come to play means you will see more of these rather than fewer.

As to the late night Sunday.. it was a good day for PvP.. The afternoon was a fun pvp fight. Late feud vs kb got a tower back for your side.. night feud we got a few towers and some PvP. It was a super long day.. Once again having to decide an hour before hand is hard when folks seem to have energy and then look at their clock and go wow been at this for 8 hours or something already..
Would suggest if you have found areas that a person can attack you while at a auction hall or crafting station. Bug report that location and have a gaurd added.
Ahh pretty sure we can log out at shrines, Decius is reading too far into the don’t do anything near a shrine statement lisa had a week ago or so. Shrines are perfect places to log out, because folks should not be messing with you when you log in.
Don’t stage at shrines or AFK, or muster on them, or fight near them are things you cant do, logging out should be fine ..

For logging in, most of us use voice comms, ask in there if there is an active feud, if you’re the first in your company to log on, then at least you get the pleasure of warning others.
Security of folks is what the guards provide and why you will pay them. If you have been feuded, a group out there as paid a cost because they have a issue with your particular group. Why should a guard who is focused on defending people that are unjustly attacked take action on someone who has demonstrated the desire to use a game mechanic to show their displeasure with your group?

Check your feud window before you hit the crafting station and you should be fine, just like any player heading out into the world should do.

just because a character doesn't leave town doesn't mean they should ignore the regional newspaper..
My position is simple. I play the game I have no want nor desire to min max influence and figure what this company needs or that company needs. I want to sit down and play, I prefer to have the most fun I can when I do. Currently the most fun a player can have in the game is feuds.

I get you guys are concerned about the “cost of the feud” argue all you want about the cost, but please stop asking for policies limiting moving around companies. I want to be able to move to whatever company I need to in order to participate in any given feud. If you guys want to change the cost, then great but this thread and others have all some way implied that moving companies is against the game, or abusing the system, or gaming the system, or exploiting the game etc ..

As to my corner cases, they are examples that I threw out there that basically asked you to tell me why players should not be able to move companies that have active feuds , without using influence cost in the reason. If you want to throw something out there in a general sense that says why I should not be able to move companies, without using influence as the reason so be it. But If the only reason you have is because of influence cost, then as a player it is simple. . do not limit players from playing the game based on the influence cost because as a player it is a system that I have no control over nor what is done with it .
Will once again say lay off the company hopping, talk about cost all you want but don’t limit activities in game..
Some examples,

1. A player has been afk from the game for few months, comes back because they heard through the grapevine PvP is getting better, game has gotten better.. etc.. that player can participate in that feud right away and feel the changes themselves as things stand right now. My question to you guys is why exclude that player?

2. Im tagged to work late tonight, cant get on to change my company in time to be in the right company before my leader declares a feud . All my buddies will be able to fight and have fun PvPing( playing the game as intended) my option would be , take rep hits all night? Or Not log in and play.. Neither sounds like a great option .. Why do you guys feel a policy should exist that tells me to play low rep or not play at all ?

3. ( this happened yesterday) Player is brand new to game( first day playing), has figured out buying skills, is hooked up with a vet and getting fast tracked through the first few hours of the game. The vet is needed for a feud, tells new player , you may die some( a lot) but you will get a good idea of the game you should come. New player comes along ( does indeed die a lot) but has a blast and subs to the game because the first few hours of the game were a blast. Why not let whoever you can get into the feud and the intended PvP rep free portion of the game?( my opinion it is the most fun they can have..).
And here is the challenge in your response. Can you write a response to the players in those examples that excludes them from participating in a feud event without using the cost of influence in your answer? If you cannot then there doesn't need to be a policy against moving companies. If you can then lets discuss why you really do not like people moving companies..