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Guess that sums it up, misread your original post saying you couldn’t heal the 4 guys from the grey guard in the feud.. those were the only guys you could heal easily.. I just couldn’t target those healers.. makes sense in current mechanics I guess.

Not sure of the logic/programming needed, but if folks really don’t like changing companies, but still want to do the feud thing with allies.. Why not set it up as a one time rep hit (like 2500) that gives the person a shared flag for the duration of the feud.

Can have your character opt in to the feud for X amount of rep instead of taking 10 plus hits for helping out.. you become valid target cost is paid in some way.. oh well just another thought haven’t given the how to abuse something like this, just throwing out other optoins..
Don’t play a healer so sorry if these questions are basic but figured I would ask. Because I know I saw folks getting healed yesterday and just trying to understand the current mechanics.

Can you heal group members regardless of feud status?

Do AE Heals (channel s) still work on feuded targets?

If your ally attacks ( a non feuded ally) goes red can you heal them at that point? ( is it just the feud mechanic keeping you from healing your red target?)
Fairly certain I was able to heal friendly folks in the feud yesterday or tried a couple times and think it worked. Just curious how the interaction works with people outside the feud. I know I saw red targets being healed by people that were not target able just not sure how. It was the hour after down time fight yesterday , not sure of the participants during that one.
I'm hoping Ryan can state a policy before the obvious answer is to have the entire EBA Company Hop.
Will make targeting those healers you guys use a whole lot easier..

Which is probably a discussion that should take place sometime soon…. Should healing/buffing someone that is red to me cause that person to be red as well?
Fixing feud mechanic so it cannot be gamed page 3 .. .. crowd forging thread
about half way down..

I have been super vocal about this one, for one reason. These fights are fun, they are rep free pvp ( currently our only option for this…smile

I get you guys are concerned about the influence cost and the stuff that goes with that.. so discuss the cost and everything involved with the cost all you want to.. but as just a player that doesn’t want to lead anything , and was told influence is a currency I gain so …leaders can direct me to do stuff in game and not a mechanic a player needs to be concerned about .. Please do not limit my play based on a influence system I am not suppose to worry about.

Will say this again , stop making this about company hoping. Let whoever wants to show up be involved in what is the best part of the game, we want to get as many people involved with these fights as we can.
Tuffon wished he could of stayed up running into you guys in the south part of the hex was not expected.. but alas work > than PFO , even though I knew when I logged it was going to be a fun fight..

Glad the new guy got involved where he could, had spent the first part of the night getting skills purchased and I tried to explain slotting and using them. He was < 3 hours into actually playing the game..
Tigari will probably kill me .. but not even tansy leaves Daeglin?
daily downtime maintenance from noon eastern to approximately 1pm eastern.
if your getting this starting 15 min ago then this is my guess. Sometimes the downtime is shorter, and sometimes longer. depending on the backups and stuff they run and implement on the server side of things. usually right around 1 hour though.
Have to agree with Daeglin

I have been hoping for some conflict in the game that didn’t have a thing to do with EoX or the EBA. Think it would be great if other parts of the map started having some dust ups with different folks. The PvP game design should not be based on continuing spats between the same 2 groups of folks..

Just not sure who else would choose to create that conflict and tension in their region of the world..
Caldeathe Baequiannia
I was able to help a couple of people out by giving or selling them some of the Yew they needed. There's probably an opportunity for importers to set up shop near the start point. Maybe a base-camp or smallholding offering mats at reasonable rates.
Wasn't trying to figure how to make money of the new folks! I just wanted them to feel welcome and share their thoughts on the game smile
We had quite a few folks join the game this weekend, the tutorial hexes ran out of resources ( something I hope that gets updated soon)

Anyway this thread is just to find out if any of you guys have made it to the forums, and also say Welcome!

Please don’t be shy about sharing thoughts on what is needed in the game, a lot of folks have been playing for a while and glaring things that stand out to you guys might fade into the background noise for the folks that have played a few months or more.. Couple dev chats back someone mentioned the health bar on our butts.. something that is being looked at but the”vets “ were blind to at the time.. so don’t hold back on what you guys see now.

My perspective for why I am playing this game is simple, for 5-6 years now I have picked up other various titles the industry calls “ complete games”. Each one had aspects of the game I couldn’t stand and those systems were so far imbedded in the game nothing could change them and I would play for a week or so and leave..

This is why PFO is something im playing , even though the edges are super rough, the devs are listening to us, they are making changes based on what we say the game needs.

So please don’t be shy about joining in the discussions here as doing so is one of the reasons you will probably want to continue playing. Go ahead and say what you like , say what you hate and if you hate something explain why. The game is being built now so its not too late to get something built that works instead of something that is an eyesore a year or so from now..

Anyway hope some of the new names i saw this past weekend make their way to the forums and say hi, and more importantly share what they think about the game the first few days playing..