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Will try to explain how your high sec limits a play style..( at least how I see it)

Going to use Ozems for an example, but you can almost say the same for hammerfall and even carpe to some degree..

These places are surrounded by high sec-
They are also surrounded by monster hexes ..
If im out numbered ( typically the case) .. if I wanted to try banditry.. one of the most lucrative places I could set up would between a monster hex and a settlement .. and try to get ambush you going for ammo or dropping off a special drop you got - or I know you are out muling and have to drop off your bulk at a settlement ..

The reasons are numerous why I may want to set up an ambush next between point a and your settlement - You turning on high sec takes the choice out of my hands - nothing I can do short of feuding you is going to give me that chance ( and even then that could mean 3-6 feuds because I have to catch all the people that may run to town ) ..
Sure I personally could feud you - but if this game was flourishing and people were playing not everyone would have their own company .. so what are just casual players suppose to do - get a company tag of all people in an escalation hex - so they know what 6 companies to ask leader ship to feud - then wait an hour and hope they don’t miss their chance?

Giving people a hide out type option gives them a reason to at least give it a shot ( an activity for a night, may not be successful but its they may want to try i.e a play style)
Sigh Brings I don’t care what you think - really im not trying to convince you – I know you disagree with pretty much every point I raise on these forums –

Feuds are a terrible idea for a catch all PvP currency- that is my opinion - you don’t share it - I think you are wrong ( read reasons if you desire) .. ,
nothing you can say to me will make me think limiting a play style is a productive stance- especially if the proposal to include that play style requires gathering and crafting and planning to actually implement it..
As you said Gw decide what they want to do - I am alright with that - but each time they make a decision that kills a play style they are just further limiting potential customers and they need to think about expanding the pool instead of limiting the pool of players the game may appeal to ( once again just my opinion).
Its not about me finding any action - its about limiting what I feel is a valid play style..

I know how to find you - this isn’t about me

This is about game mechanics that are wiping out entire play styles- We need to keep as many play styles open in the off chance this game can attract some of them to stay more than a freaking week..
Sigh back to why feuds suck for bandits huh - consider we want more people to join the game – hopefully people that want to just play- and give it a shot and get hooked …
If bandits have to used feuds …
Feuds take a 100 influence - a couple of guys who come into the game might figure out to start a company immediately and after a few weeks they would have enough influence to start a feud.. ( if they know to get 6 people into the company..) - Chances are they wont know all that - but if they do all that work and feud a company then in 3 weeks they may be ready to give it a shot-
- then they find out their targets can just switch companies or even settlements as soon as they realize they are feuded. Rendering that month of play time useless to the 2 folks that just wanted try out being a bandit in new game ..

So how do our 2 new folks combat this?
Take over a founding company of a settlement so they can feud all companies at the same ! ( even though that task is a year + in the making) and yet that still doesn’t stop the target from dropping company and standing in the high security hex next to the holding and logging out ..
This is your solution - use feuds ?? Still a horrible solution and if goes this way.. so long and thanks for all the fish …
Also as to who would use the camps more if you could make high sec camps and low sec camps…
I would bet a few gold that if high sec camps and low sec camps existed tomorrow - high sec would be used all the time - you guys would plop them in every escalation hex as you worked them and carry them around with like ammo and small holdings - low sec might be used occasionally but the high sec ones would be used 100 times more than low ..
@ Lisa
don’t think much is going to make standing around making dwarf towers more fun - The count up process seems to be one of the core take over functions..
That said- Perhaps you can add to it –

Make some objects destroy-able - once objects are damaged/destroyed subtract what the count has to get too in order to ( raid, over run etc)- so object __ is destroyed the cap number drops to 925, then __ is destroyed cap number drops to 850.. make some big drops- and some small drops..
At least this way as you destroy more stuff- the cap number can go down from 1000 to a lower number.. which keeps people occupied and makes things go by faster which means you can fit more targets into a feud window ( especially if your opponent is relying solely on NPC guards)

Not sure what to say about your PvE rant- perhaps if I could lock down a Gathering of legends and force you to feud each mob type before you could kill those PvE mobs. You might be in the same mindset and feel some of the frustrations… if you had to farm goblin escalations for a few weeks to gain the influence in order to fight a GoL escalation for a few hours one night..
@ brings
my ideal PvP in this sand box is that I have options available to me that allow me to attack you when you cross my path (taking rep hits is fine, and even expected, bad guys are suppose to be scary) –
yes I think you should be able to counter high sec and low sec –
Which is why with the hide out idea - I said - if I can put down a hideout that changes the security setting to low for 10-40 minutes- you should be able to put down a hideout that changes the setting to high for 10-40 minutes ( so long as players have the ability to attack that camp and remove it- defaulting the security to whatever the hex was initially set too).

I feel any player should have the option to attack anyone; the trick is what do they have to do in order to do so;
Which is another reason I like the hide out idea - You have to carry it around, You have to make it- and you have to plan on using it- so when / if you find someone in any area you have an option to do something -

A button you press that takes away that Players choice is a horrible option / step to take without measures in place to counter the high sec button ..
What exactly is the counter to the 15 + hexes around ozems that are all high sec ? systematically feud them and take them over? Over the course of a month or so.? Then they can be bandits ..?? - how would a single character or even a group of 3 characters ever accomplish that task ? the thought that in order to be a minor PvP nuisance to an area requires the group to first rule the area is crazy to me..

- nowhere in the features section - under Open world PVP or secure areas does it say anything about Players being able to turn half the map from combat- It still says this is an open world sandbox with consequences.. It says the further you go from NPC areas the more dangerous things get .. It still says combat among players is to be expected ..
As far as I know that is still the goal and direction of the game and the type of players they are going after- because you know its on the features page of the web site…
Yet somewhere along the way- people convinced the powers that be that high security should be a thing -
Great! Another hoop to jump through in order to gain the right to engage opponents in approved/acceptable combat!
Just being able to attack you when I find you shouldn’t take the same effort ( influence banked) that I would have to bank to take over your hex..

Asking for a hide out that a player can set up when they see you , in order to have a chance to engage you isn’t too much of ask ..
They still have to track you down- ( yes it would still take a ton of work.. but once a target is found something can happen)
- a hex changing security would still notify anyone in that hex the security changed.. it probably wouldn’t last any longer than a gusher(in reality the same rules would apply to it, heck even the same model since we have no artist, - set it up- it can take damage like a gusher camp, except players cause the damage not npc waves). So it has no lasting effect on territory..
- A bandit has to make hideouts and carry them around- so unless they are planning on finding prey they may not even have them in their inventory if it is truly a random encounter.. and that means they have to gather the stuff to craft them- and if you kill them they might loose the ones they made

So how does the above not equate to “extremely difficult” that you seem to point out was the overall direction GW wanted a bandit to go through
-it requires gathering and a focused approach?? It probably still would be frustrating- - but at least it is an option. .. An activity a player can do in game ..

And more than anything that is what is needed in this game - activities -

lets look at the activity of being a bandit-
So I spend a few hours aimless roaming the map- looking for a mobile node( gatherer)- I find one!! He is in a high sec hex ..
sigh -
I cant attack – high sec hex ( which cost you no more than clicking a button, not a much a price you paid for that button, but that is a argument for another time)
I cant declare a feud because it takes an hour and his gusher is done in 40 minutes..
I cant stalk him on the way back- because every hex is high sec - or he just drops his loot in the holding..
If I am spotted he drops his loot in the holding- calls his buddies and chases me away..
My activity for the evening equated to nothing but frustration.. and in no way made me any richer .. or gave me hope that tomorrow would be rewarding..
If I wanted to feud I have to grind 100 influence to start one.. and then hope I find someone during the feud that is attached to the right company.. ( kind of hard to do unless you have a target and location in mind)-
How is this “preferred banditry behavior” even remotely fun for anyone interested in PvP? It is just frustrating and turns people off..

How about some ideas ??

Give us something that is a hide out we can place in a hex to alter security settings for a while ( make it stealthy so you don’t just see it on the min map.. unless you run near it..) - heck you can even have high sec ones if you wanted - to make escalations safer ..
Either option should be destroyable-
Make it craft able .. like a camp..
put it down and turn security to medium or low based on high .. different recipes
also different tiers = amount of time it stays active.
and different + = how stealthy it is ..

Not saying it is great idea- but at least gives an options that doesn’t involve grinding influence for a few weeks in the hopes that player can randomly bump into a character..

Speaking of tracking…
there is no tracking ( how about a tracking skill so folks can scout hexes faster..??)-
@ Lisa
As to how to make holding warfare more interesting …

First it sucks to declare a feud- go on a raid - and find nothing but that days resources in a vault.. ( not taking it over just raiding..).. How about we put perception to use? Give people a hint of what they can find in a vault based on skill -
spending 30 minutes raiding something- to gain little to nothing- is the worse -
So at the bare minimum- give people a way to see what holdings are worth raiding { even if its not 100% accurate .. its better than blind guessing )
Fix the Loot- make more than just bulk appear in the chest .. , with the advent of ammo I know I have to keep stuff all over the place now .. why not loose stuff from all vaults when a hex is raided?
It makes little sense for a vault to remain attached to a character/company even after a hex is taken over.. the victors should get all stuff out of all vaults- once a hex is over run..

Anyway just some thoughts ..
- having it take coins to set high security . ? uggg no !
Holdings deal with bulk resources for operating cost -
The guards come from the bulk being put into the vault or it is shut down for the day- no guards, trainers etc (i.e meaning by default it should shift to low security setting- maybe a reduction for low security is enough to make it run effectively and not get shut down every few days ).

Besides if the cost was coins what would balance the equation for the low security setting? Would hexes placed in low security gain coin everyday and medium hexes would just be 0 coin cost?

The most logical thing in my mind is bulk usage cost- anything else just sounds wonky .
This has to do with “Holding Taxes” but not in regards to what you were asking..
Something I find frustrating about High security hexes.. It cost the exact same to run High Sec as Low sec..

Please do something to make setting high security more than a preference of play style-

Make it so you can only switch security settings at down time -

have low sec cost 3 less of the primary resource and High sec cost 3 more of the primary resource
Low Sec cost less in daily upkeep
Medium sec bulk generation stays the same
High sec cost more in daily upkeep
.. Everyone here loves “meaningful choices” as a reason to do something or not do something - make setting holdings to high sec mean something different than setting it to low security.. ( you are basically stating guards are everywhere in the high security hex so you cant attack - make those guards cost more..)
At the very least - since it takes 2 days of notification to take over territory - make feuds able to be started immediately ( why do we have to wait an hour, anyone you do find is going to be gone or done with a gusher before the feud even starts)-
meaningful choice… the phrase is what the monks at the airport.. or the guy with the end if the world sign reminds me of…