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I Just don’t see the” I have a million xp” as a problem for a new person.. I guess if was ultra focused and I am a level 20 wizard, with great spells and speed and fancy T3 stuff… it would take a group of 6 new players to take me out( less if there were melee..)? Id risk having to wear and thread perhaps one item and loose the rest to them.. or risk wearing good gear and dying in PVE.. or “ falling off a mountain”. And just plain loose the gear..

That new group is risking nothing attacking me but T1 gear which they can probably thread all of.. Id risk losing T2 items ( my walking around gear..) and focus on keeping T3 stuff threaded( threading is still being developed , but many feel you may be able to thread 1 T3 item perhaps not much more ..)

Meaning all my million xp means I get a fancy piece of armor or a staff, and the other stuff I wear gets looted if/ when I die ( or I wear T2 gear which those new folks will be wearing 30 days into playing..)

… the vet will most certainly be more versatile in things they can do but I just don’t get the feeling that a vet will far outclass a new group of people at all ( one on one is different story).

If you are thinking one of the established groups in the game will out right attack on sight the new groups coming into the game that could be an issue( but I don’t see any group here that would do that at the moment). If it does happen those groups most likely have histories in other games and have planned ahead and probably looking forward to the renewed rivalry in this game..
Once again apologies to the person who started this thread..

new folks to the game will need to play smart and not pick fights with the established groups that make it through EE, but should we be wiped ?? absolutely not. the reason we are here playing is we want a head start. the power curve of the game means a vet is not invincible if attacked by a large force of almost new characters…

Could be a detriment to crafters and refiners as new folks interested in those things will have a harder time breaking into markets but if a new organization is coming in at the same time even those folks should find a good home.
edit - What aspect of EE do you you see as a detriment to people waiting for OE ?
PFO is best when playing with other people..
If uncertain what you want to do in the game, your best option is to head over to thorn keep, take in the sights then continue on to PFU ( head east from marchmont). Folks there will most likely always be able to supply you with something fun, and you will probably meet some folks in the same situation you are in. More importantly you will get a picture of what all play styles there are and which one fits your desires.
Not to shove this discussion off course anymore than it already is… sorry in advance to aerendhil..
Since discussing wizards..

Transmuter - appears to be the only feature that has + based on keywords for wizards.. ( and it feels like that is broken anyway when I equip it.. I know toughness doesn’t stack with it either) the rest just appear to be + based on the level.
So beyond wearing the robe , what does those keywords match if you aren’t transmutation?

Edit- part 2- sigh just confused at this point .. armor feats and then features..
The only thing I will add to what others have said in the regards to actually playing and not just waiting to buy next level in your skill ..

In the upcoming weeks, our settlements are going to produce resources that we are going to use to build our settlements. Those resources will need protection as well as transportation. ( You will need to join one to train tier 2 skills eventually)

So while you could just save up xp and log on in x many days to spend it, if you/ your settlement has not protected or transported those resources, when you do log on you may not be able to spend the xp you gained on the skill you wanted.

As for the PvE- the quest that shows in the escalation window is a hex quest, not a personal quest if multiple groups are in the hex they all work on the same quest. (these quest have timers as well so you may be working on one only to have it fail halfway through it )
So no chance of stealth patch of falling damage ..
yeah was looking at that, but the date was mid april and the freeholder and expert features appear to be missing.

edit- i see the wright and artisan and pioneer, but the passive feats i.e passion in the workshop(only one i remember off the top of my head) don't appear to be included, was looking for those, can always wait until tonight to see them in game i guess.
Trying to track down the how to get a copy of the raw spreadsheet ( a more recent one).

Wanting to see the freeholder and expert features but they dont appear to be listed ..

Any idea where i can download the data from ?
Not sure where this goes… as it pertain to new folks and perhaps some older ones im putting it here but could also be asked in a schedule type thread ..

Perhaps im just not on at the right times anymore, but with the influx of VO type folks and a bunch of new names on my screen… Is PFU going to do another fane tour soon ?

if i missed it on the schedule somewhere i apologize for bumping an old thread.
Would be a nightmare to code and even harder to explain, but I get what tink is saying.. so chalk this up to it would be cool if it could happen.. Its fun to buy new skills, but when your talking T2 skills and later T3 skills and you get to buy a one or two every month( or longer) it gets tedious..
First 2 skills of a rank are listed at the given price, next 2 skills are 75% and the rest are at 50% of the xp price.
Would let characters master weapon groups for a weapon or spell line faster but keep the major speed bumps in place. Basically you learn things faster if you stay with a chosen weapon or spell line for caster types..