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Pretty sure that was EQ1 intro music just before 19 minutes ? ..
What do the faction quest in PFS normally result in? just asking as i have never played ( few folks in my TT play .. just not my cup of tea..)
I am bringing this up here just to see what others think..
Last week in the fireside chat Lisa mentioned not wanting to spend $ on marketing at this time but its clear GW wants to get more eyeballs on the game. I did send her a message(as well as Thod..) but didn’t really flesh out anything beyond trying to tie in PFS.. So trying to do that here..

Its my understanding during each of PFS scenarios , players have quests to complete during the session. PFS rewards players that purchase items( free rolls for wearing a tee shirt, or buy character booklets etc..) basically if you can show you spend money on pazio products you get a in game bonus.. It should be easy enough to get GW and pazio on the same page if they want to tap into that pool of players with little cost.
What would be needed from GW- When completing achievements in game instead of just the completed message is a way to spit out a claim code for players ( somewhere in achievement history )) ..
This should be fairly low cost, doesn’t do much in the way of hurting GW in tech production beyond creating the claim code output and sending a daily code list to PFS .

As for the pazio’s cost 2 things – 1.- accept code list from GW, and have a way a player can add the code to PFS account.
2. Add quests to new scenarios for players that have access to them.. . Haven’t played those so not sure how in-depth they are or how story driven they are, but adding one more option for a PFO player cant be a mountain of work beyond what they are doing now..

IT would give GW and new pool of players, would give the TT crowd a reason to come in and adventure some in the world and would also tie the 2 projects together more than they currently are( a common post over the last weeks ..)
Might be a rogue guard..
Want to apologize for bringing up that thread if others found it offensive, the only point I wanted to make is that players who want ”free Beta” are more likely to act like players in that video. People without a vested interest in a game and are not paying a fee, leads to game play I have no interest in. PFO has had a handful of incidents with people on general acting like morons with 15 day free accounts and GW has done a good job of shutting that down before it becomes problematic.

Had forgotten or didn’t realize the discussion that followed that video was locked.
Sigh that was the one I thought I linked..
The last road map that was published wsa in a blog can read it here ( late January in archives):

Think there was a survey that came out a few weeks after this, in which players voiced concerned about the pvp engines of the game, and it feels like that survey was listened too because the last update and the next 2-3 all focus on developing better pvp engines for the game.

Many things on the road map have been done, some are still missing, I imagine we will be getting another road map once the major holdings and outpost updates have been put into the game.
So some website that is dedicated to MMOs may not like PFO, and may give it a negative review..

If this MMOrpg is the industry standard and has been instrumental over the past 10 years, giving honest feedback on games to players and the developers … then they must not be very good at understand what would interest me as a player because all though the games I have tried(granted it is a short list).. have been massive disappointments ( even more so after learning the developers sunk 100 million into them to make them acceptable to the people that frequent sites like that one ..)..

I read some of the post on the link this morning and came away relived the folks that want free beta aren’t here and wont come. I remember about a year ago someone linked a video of a game on the pazio boards showing a naked brigade of people with clubs beating each other and wandering around… cant help but think people that participate in free beta would find that great fun.
Please do not get rid of subscription fees ( ever..) … Really do not want to spend my evenings with people like the ones on that forum..

That being said , Asking for both a subscription and to pay for the game, for people who are currently not playing is a big ask.. would be better to have a account that takes just a subscription price during EE that can be upgraded to full ( by paying for the actual game) is easier to swallow than asking to do both after only 15 days..
Tink = better at words than Smitty…
Was saying the complaint of lack of information sounded like people saying they are frustrated the game is not easy to understand …

If I buy the game and make a character, and the first thing I have to do is log out of the game to read a 30 page document, or watch video, or basically anything that doesn’t involve actually playing the game then the system needs work.

Understanding the basics shouldn’t take hours of reading or watching, it should probably take < hour playing.
Sending players away from the game to learn about the game means there is a chance they go to a confusing spread sheet or doc, open it up scratch their heads and don’t ever come back to the game .The out of game stuff is great once you know what you are looking for and why, but really you shouldn’t have to look for that stuff in the first days of playing..