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Guess many people want easy mode for games while they say they detest it. They actually do miss it once it is not an option. I think a new player who hasn’t read any of the guides is probably super..
The only way to really help those players out is to make very in depth tutorial, one for each role type, have a the player interact with special scripts for the role they select. Currently everyone gets the club, toughness, and other feats and that gives them an idea of what to do, but it doesn’t really explain if you want to be a fighter this is how a fighter works, fighters have 5-6 weapons and buying this weapon group gives you access to these attacks. This is what skill points do, this is the difference between a crafter and a refiner, this is a freeholder.. etc

If that is really high commented complaint you should probably go ahead and start building more in depth tutorials for each role ( even though it takes time and tech). Keep some of the basic movement stuff, add a stop for knowledge skills and what they are for, then somehow explain the looting( common question from new folks n general is how do I loot..). Then have the player pick a role to learn.( and how to slot feats for that role) After they get a good walkthrough of one role learning another shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. ( and the outside reference materials would probably mean more to them at that point)

I don’t think you should make it complete easy mode to follow a yellow line but better explanations of what skills are and how they work should be readily readable in game somewhere. Currently there is no way to tell what ability score you are training up when training ___ skill. Except for the out of game spreadsheets.
Someway to interact with the game and see options for what your specific character can train to can ___ stat might be useful, because going to spread sheets and flipping back and forth to the game while second nature to folks playing for 3 months now, is most likely a turn off to some .
Folks currently playing may feel cheated by this idea, but we are already playing so GW doesn’t really need to reach us..
I know the buddy program exist, but I am still not at a point that I would ask any of my friends to play because I know what they are looking for in a game and we are not there yet. Especially when GW is asking a user to “pay” for a game that is not finished and on top of that is asking that user to “pay” a subscription as well.
I know it would take tech and account management time but having a EE 1 character account , that a user pays a sub for during EE that can upgrade to full account by buying the actual game would make more a lot of sense to a user that isn’t quite sure what this game is and is having thoughts like..
” Wait I have to buy it to play it and pay a sub before I even know what the game will look like when finished( if its finished..)”
Anyway just my opinion, give a subscription only access that is somewhat limited in scope, that can be upgraded to full access and folks may feel a bit better about paying for a sub while the game matures and develops( hopefully into something they will want to pay full price for.. )
I am hoping once this gets worked out PFU will post a new area of influence so to speak. I have been known to gather in this area for some time, don’t mind the company hopefully yall don’t mind if I continue ( come up every week or so for an hour, probably wont notice me at all..)..

That being said PvP was frowned upon in an area prior to your move.. just wondering what that area is now. As hostilities between my region and another do not appear to be cooling off anytime soon and it would be bad form to attack folks from certain settlements and companies while working with students in your new space..

If you guys have already said the new university teaching hexes somewhere and I just missed it( happens a lot) just point me toward that direction..
Ryan Dancey
It has come to my attention that some players have decided that camping shrines and repeatedly killing respawning characters is acceptable.

There are times when I would agree - open PvP windows in hexes for example. Or when trying to hurt a character that has tresspassed or is misbehaving enough to induce that player to desist or leave. But that is a very arbitrary line that a rule cannot be written that will not be abusable.

I would prefer not to issue a blanket rule against shrine camping. Help me not do that by suggesting a policy that would preserve the strategy without enabling the greif.
Ryan can you clarify some of the language in your original post?
Mainly the second paragraph – “. Or when trying to hurt a character that has tresspassed or is misbehaving enough to induce that player to desist or leave.”

What does GW consider trespassing? Just asking because most of these debates are because some read this and think Group A has come into an open hex group B adventures in, so group A is trespassing. I read it and think the actual settlement hex is what you are referring to(because the early in town pvp issues that arose).

Clarification part two- “misbehaving” - would GW consider banditry and guerilla warfare tactics misbehaving? Or once again is this term used more in the lines of vulgar obnoxious troll type characters that are just around to cause trouble and pick arguments, ( things im sure the upcoming EULA will address..).

I believe some people in these threads have started using their own definitions for trespassing and misbehaving, and it would be nice to hear from GW what the intended meanings were.. ( also may save another day of people defending spawn camping tactics based on interpretation of the 2 terms..
If camping is supported in anyway, how long till the “bad guys” decide to post teams at shrines? That seems fair to me… the whole fair for the goose fair for the gander argument..

That in essence is what condoning any spawn camping will lead too, or are we suppose to accept that since someone drew a line on a map and owns” that hex” then it should only be okay for the “defenders” to practice spawn camping to “break the targets gear”.. while attacking forces should not have that as an option…

Slippery slope there, better to say no to it till the death mechanics allow a choice where you spawn, and revisit those arguments once those mechanics are released.

Edit _ if I had to guess the "trespassing and behavior" ryan was alluding to was based on the early observations of the game( ie in settlements and at bank etc), and would not include actual open hexes. But would need him to clarify what he felt like trespassing would actually mean before you start thinking it would be okay to shrine camp anyone just out in game world.
Timer in the future - We are suppose to be spawned > 1 hex away from towers ( at least that is what i remember reading a few weeks ago, still hasn't made it into the game yet though).
Still think it should not have do with distance from a shrine but should have to do with time between kills. People will stay in the area, some people move slower etc..

Put a timer on it, don’t kill the same character more than 2 times in 1 minute ( or 45 seconds..) Then put a hefty repercussion to those who break that rule. Red flagged for 24+ hours of game time sounds about right to me, ( - 300 influence for the company they belong to, 5 times the rep hit.. etc).
I would argue for 5 times the rep hit if you / your group kills the same character more than 2 times (outside pvp hexes)with in 1 minute as well as you/ your group gaining a murder and heinous flag for 24 hours..

Sadly that may describe how I feel about shrine/ spawn camping but the systems to implement it are not in place.
Not sure this really belong sin targeting thread but I have a deep EQ background. I really liked the raid target windows and leadership aa lines they introduced. Many of those things became common that people expect in MMos. Health of targets target , main assist targets etc ..

Wouldn’t mind seeing things like (the target examples above, and some of the eq leadership aa's) added when they put in officer and other formation jobs. I just think those things should be tied to leadership roles and give players who choose to train them more value in other aspects of the game beyond the formation combat jobs.
Okay finally back on a real keyboard.

Kitsune – I put this in this thread as it seems there is more to conflicts than what the OP had placed.
Also you asked why people were so upset. But in seeing the responses since I last got to read your response perhaps this belongs in the alliance thread as well.Heck between the pvp thread on pazio and the ones here hard to keep them all straight ….
First off in regards to conflict it has been obvious for the last 2 months of playing the game ( regardless of what is on agreements the leaders talk about ) - from an outsider perspective. EBA is TEO TSV and Keepers. Yes you guys are all separate but your alliance is large and intact. You have certain differences and I get that. But I am not part of that alliance and whenever there has been friction with one of them all of them chip in ( which is a good foundation for a good alliance, so good job!).
The events I laid out earlier on my phone, go in between 2 and 3 on Nihimon’s timeline, (but if you want the true unbiased order of events you cannot omit them from the list, because without them Golgotha wouldn’t have been down there , and you wouldn’t of taken the tower..)

Anyway I know it will not pursued you to not feel justified , all I really wanted to do was the help you understand what I perceived the timeline of events to be. Leaving out the T2 farming near KB , is not going to help you understand why we were down there in the first place.

Also agree with Rynnik this stuff is what makes the game compelling, I don’t want to make it sound like im whining TEO or EBA killed our escalations.. boohoo. Frankly those fights were fun, and harassing them those nights was a good time! I don’t think our response was “go take a tower from them!” It was lets harass them and see if we can get something from them. Lets try to ambush them here. Basically lets make them earn it !
All the stuff that has happened after that is just conflict, in varying degrees and I think the original point of the thread was to try to address the structure of conflict. Yet it left off things like locking down a resource, and where that falls on the list? Is that a minor thing or is that full blown warfare at its best.

As to spawn camping have said before and will continue to say I will not do it and if it becomes the norm in PFO not sure ill continue to play. Don’t like the idea being assigned to guard a shrine in an encounter and kill anyone that spawns at it. Nor would I like to be the person spawning there to get killed over and over in any circumstance.