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Centaurs mean less animation and art when mounts are introduced, so may move them up to 1….
I am hopeful the map will expand, just hoping it doesn’t take that long till new monsters are introduced….
Why would rotating the hexes be something you wouldn’t to happen now? if we treat them like long lasting escalation hexes that don’t spread and stay in the same place for a month and half.. How is that a bad idea? Anything to make the game less stagnant is a good thing… Having Goblins in one hex from now till the end of the game seems incredibly boring…

As to …. Monster hexes were not intended as a source of expendables and recipes ………. Ah? Why would level of monster not be of importance if you were looking for certain items?
The point that is being made is that Monster Home hexes need to rotate. The only reason not to do so stems from well those monsters always have to be in the same place…. .. that place should change every other sprint cycle ( i am thinking 6 weeks or 2 sprints…)

And for those that really don’t like this idea….
Think about how the game will be in 6 months then a year… They will introduce more monsters and those monsters will need new homes or will need to replace the home hexes that already exist.. that point are you going to argue that the natures wrath home hex needs to be left alone so you always know where to find wolves ?

More monster types means more monster home hexes. Unless they just add hexes those hexes need to be rotated . Unless you want those new monster Homes (T3) to replace the boring T1s and leave them forever on someone else’s doorstep. Then rotating them now seems like a good idea…
.. Thornguards only attack people with Attacker flags or low Reputation who are not part of their Settlement.

So in cases where you die near a settlement and are respawned in a hostile settlement, you can be attacked in that settlement by the inhabitants. and/ or if you have low rep and appear in any settlement you have to find a way past the guards ( think they are far enough away from that respawn point already).

Just verifying it is designed with that intention, (probably only an issue till other death mechanics are introduced, so can just be careful till then if so..)
So I brought this up on one of the pazio threads.. discussing bluff and sense motive..

I thought it would be cool to have a bandit able to wear a disguise. Pick a name and use that as his alias for some amount of time per day based on his skill.. The only response I got was “horrible idea, new people are going to be tricked into thinking players are gms .. “
This is would be a mask that doesn’t event give a name ? so new player gets exploited by _____ can report they were exploited by _____ ( random gnome mob…. How is the “new player” going to identify the blob on the mini map and report the actions of the blob without having a name to reference)..

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of bandits using hidden identify but i feel like these things should allow a 2nd name ( would not be random and would not be matched to any other name, essentially it would be just another name in the game people could not duplicate. Ie GM what ever etc.. or another player name). there still needs to be a way to identify a player, in the map and for reporting.. and just overall logging if the alias follows the same rules as creating a character name I don’t see any issues with duplicate names…

This also should defiantly be a skill and not a magic hat item any one can use.. the hat can give you a bonus to it, but something like this should be trained and require xp to be spent in order to truly be a master at disguising your self .. ( or higher the skill = longer amount of time you can use the skill during a day)
I would consider retreating if that is the case, as they are winning with in the spirit of the game. the defending players breaking the spirit of the game to gain an advantage ( at least with the mechanics that are in place at this point in EE..) would be very bad form.

If you have been loosing durability at a greater clip than the attacking force, you may want to change tactics, use that time to come up with a different defense, but i dont think "well next time we kill them lets spawn camp them" should be a valid tactic to switch to…
I would say no to being acceptable to shrine camp in that scenario..
you already killed them 5 times, if they mount another assault you most likely will kill them a sixth time… now if they wait 10 minutes between the two encounters and are still there, perhaps engage them prior to that, but you have already beat them 5 times.. why worry about a preemptive strike the 6th time? (and since the shrine hex for attackers is being moved to a hex or so away are you going to chase them down would make for a better defense if you stayed put..)

Specifically, if an attacking force is standing still at the shrine just waiting there until enough of them have respawned to mount another assault, would you consider it "griefing" or otherwise unacceptable to kill them at the shrine?
You killed a group of folks, they are re-spawning at a shrine (soon to be a few hexes away if they were attacking..) and then you find them at the shrine should you attack on sight? Well has it been 30 seconds? 3 minutes over 8 minutes? are they withdrawing as a unit and waiting on someone who crashed? . My guess is if it was over 8 minutes you would probably be okay anything under few would be questionable as you dont have access to their comms and cant possibly know another groups intentions or what they are waiting on..

..Your original question seemed to be for individual players or small groups was thinking 1-3..) of people harassing citizens, this scenario sounds more like organized pvp battles groups of 6+ ..
In which case are you treating the attack force as individuals or just targeting the entire group based on the presence of one player…
Target discrimination – From what you are saying I think you mean it is okay to do ____ to a character if you told the character beforehand that you intend to do _______ ( either by written forum proclamation or passed behavior.) even though it would be considered griefing if you did _____ to a random person..

Have you seen the end of guardians of the galaxy when rocket says he really wants something more than the other guy and wants to take because he wants it more.. and the guard says sorry still illegal…
Some folks are dumping on Golgotha about being lawful, with a law that is posted after the fact ..
Ozems now has decided to let us know what area is theirs and now we have to ask if we can kill there… Okay … The same thread says if you are in Golgotha you will never get a yes answer to that question
WTF? So you post something after the fact that says we have to ask to do things in this area, and then say you will never be able to do those things now because where you are from?

Should the organizers for events just be mind readers? If you know you have the best escalation in the game for farming T2 recipes at the moment, 2 hexes away from your home and are worried about people coming to kill it without your permission where is the warning about doing so before hand? Why post the warning after it fails and after a group shows up to kill part of the left overs( it failed the day before hand,, or we would of just killed in the hex… And just because IM curious to your response.. if that over flow hex spawned on the SE instead of the SW would this territory claim be 3 hexes away from your settlement..)

If your Lawful Good RP came through you would of made that announcement as soon as you discovered the escalation … This entire thing is about you guys wanting to farm T2 recipes and Golgotha wanting to do the same thing, and Golgotha came in and killed 4% of a overflow failed escalation hex as a planned event and you feel like someone took possibly took that one item you have been wanting.