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Tabbing may make more sense when they add in feuds and wars, tabbing all targets of a feud and war would make sense ( and does away with the who goes red first).

But making sweeping changes to the flagging system prior to that is something I don’t want to see. If out and about and doing pvp just on people you come across, clicking them shouldn’t be an issue.

If doing a quick fix for tower pvp, I feel they need to focus on broad changes and delve into should you be able to tab players when the other pvp engines are introduced. Which is why if there are any changes now I would like them to address the overall game play and not just pvp.( because while clicking on players during pvp can be a pain, it would also effect pve and everyone that does that would soon be tab targeting everyone, and then they would have to more corrections to the system later )
Definitely would go no tab targeting of players, and not only for pvp considerations, but if in a larger raid force doing pve would hate to have to tab through 15 targets to get to the current target im suppose to kill…
Would leave the size at 6 - keep the looting and achievements, and work on how to develop larger raiding groups for pvp( and possibly larger pve escalation hunts). Would have to give the entire raid a chance at loot from mobs ? but at a reduced rate? Like ¾ or ½ your normal chance without a group bonus ( would link the reduction to the size of the raid)?

How would we use those systems, the pvp achievement you have to think about is the social player killer. You could just go with single achievements for pvp while in a raid ( but support classes, like cleric should at least get some bonus or incentive to take part.. if you guys set up the database to hold decimals like you did with ability scores.. giving partial credit per player kill could be an option and every 6 people taken out by the raid could result in a increase of 1 for the achievements, if you guys did integers for those.. no clue if you could track that easily..)

If doing larger raid force for escalations, having everyone in the same system would be nice as long as you don’t give up loot bonus (because chances are you are hunting in a larger raid for loot for your company and taking out the bonus might mean people don’t actually use the system at all…)

Would have to balance that bonus versus the number of people in the raid(would guess, you don’t want to have 50 people having able to get the same item off of the mob). Would have to put a max value of item and max number of items per mob and then divide that up with the number of the people in the raid then assign those loot drops from highest to lowest of the raid loot rolls till the number of items that mob can drop is reached… ( just no clue how that would stack with your current loot system that is already in place..). would also need mobs to understand raid groups and agro the raid and not just a party….

For the UI leave the group set up at 6 like it is now, but whoever is the raid leader would have to have a window to control the raid( hopefully a pop up window they can hide after setting groups and moving people around, so it doesn’t take up half of their screen) for the small map give folks in a raid a new color( say orange or green.. instead of the normal blue)

Anyway just my thoughts…
I was part of this battle as well, took two separate rep hits but contributed to at least 3 to 4 times that number of deaths so it definitely was not consistent.

Side note the social player kills achievement also did not register any increases, but the system at least had to have me registered for two deaths at some point.
Cronge just some thoughts..
You could RP going to your allies after a raid upon your lands and asking your allies what they intend to do about it[Midnight would be happy to play defense for a while] . Are they sending war parties north to defend your honor and retake some of your property and exact a measure of revenge? Or are your allies saying that is folly .. …. if that is the response perhaps you need better allies. ( just in a pure RP thought and where to go from here..)

As to no wonder why small settlements cant survive……… right now settlements are yours no one can take them from you no one can destroy them. The basis of the game is settlement conflict, controlling one is eventually going to mean other people are going to try and take it and destroy it. No amount of RP will change the basis of the game.. If you detest that aspect of the game not sure what to say other than last week was just raiding, in the upcoming years that raid would ignore you and destroy your town instead..[ not because you are neutral and the bullies want to ruin your fun but because your opponents are evil and see value in your location]

The small holdings may be the way for your group to go, it will have training better than NPC but not as good as PC settlement[ at least from what I have understood about them], it is mobile, you can move to which ever area of the map is not in a war zone. You can work out agreements higher level training with nearby friendly settlements in exchange for goods you guys produce, and move if things get to dangerous..

From reading your desires of what you want out of the game I just don’t get the sense that running a settlement will ever be enjoyable for your play style.. but your play style can survive in PFO you just need to rethink how that play style will fit into PFO in the years to come
This is super premature as far as where the game is today, but I want to get a better feel for what the River Kingdoms will look like in a year (considering our buddy sales are pitching that idea.. what exactly does that picture look like?)

When are the other roles and races going to be worked on? Is there an estimated time till we see them (yes I know an estimate is a guess, but are we talking 6 months or 2 years?)

Current settlements are using templates to pick the roles they want to train, how does a settlement increase the number of roles when new ones are introduced(if they can at all)?

From what I understand all roles from the core rule book are making their way into the game at some point, is the plan just to expand the list of the trainers that are part of the settlement template or will the 4 types of trainers just offer more feats and roles? Will settlements still be limited to 2 role/ feat trainers or is the 2 choice thing only pre cataclysm/catastrophe?

I don’t have a ton of buddies who I can pitch this game to but a few come to mind.
What I need to be specific about with them is this…
The only appealing part of the game to them at this time is the no character/ xp wipe at end of early enrollment. Beyond this the game is nowhere near what they would define as playable.

My selling point to them while it may be a ways off is still a selling point… what I need to know in order to pitch the idea is…Originally OE was going to be Jan/Q1 2016… but Originally EE was going to be fall 2014 and didn’t start until Jan 2015..So based on track record you guys will most likely be later than this probably Q2 or Q3, which is fine by me but not a good selling point…
1. Originally OE was going to be the full race selection ( Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Gnome, Half Orc, Half Elf). All roles were going to be allowed- Fighter, Wizard, Rogue, Cleric, - Sorcerer, Bard, Ranger, Druid, Paladin, Barbarian and Monk.. ( aligning to the choices in the core pathfinder core rule book..)

Are both these things still included in relation to when Open Enrollment begins ? If not what does the current plan look like? Which roles and races will be in when OE is considered to start? Meaning i need to be able to say how long till OE happens and what options going to be at that time.

2. If you are asking folks to pay full price for a less than finished game, how can you convince them it will survive long enough to see the benefit of supporting it now? I get pathfinder is going to be around, but these guys don’t play pathfinder and tell me bless you if I say Pazio around them…

Have you considering a yearlong subscription yet? If so is it less than the flat $15 a month? Trying to market an incomplete product to my buddies for full price because one day this game may be successful is a large ask and bad form .. if you guys did a year of the game at $90 ( 50% off you would have not only a better selling point, but I would buy 12 more months as well, I may even pick up another account..) . Have you considered this at all?

List of things I know for certain are doubles ( may have a few more, but those are the ones off the top of my head .. I don’t have any steel wire.. think you are looking for same ..)
Weak Varnish +1
Coarse yarn +1
Steel Blanks +1

If still accepting trades of even items that aren’t on your list

Id be interested in these three for me three
Steel Plate +1
Basic hide sheet +1
Copper ore +1

Should be on a bunch this weekend if you want to look me up , spend most my time around rathglen

edit* also interested in parchment sheets +1 but have to see what other doubles i can trade with you