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Think it’s a good idea.

Players expect a sense of normalcy to any game- that includes being able to sell stuff in any town( not just special locations)- ..

Everyone wants contracts to be a thing – but aren’t coming anytime soon- having the ability to have an auction house at least means every town can have buy orders for people to work on filling ( which means they feel like they are contributing to the settlement). That gives new players an ability to help their settlements ( without just dumping gathering mats and spells into settlement vault and getting nothing for it).

It also gives groups that focused solely on trade the ability to add a large spot- ( and more training) to attract players to their towns ..
yep that is right.. saying it doesn't make sense. bank in middle of wilderness.. is taken over… all the stuff stays with the company/character..

what should happen is everything in that location is now under the control of the new owners.
Still feel the contents of everything in the holding should be gained by who ever took the hex over -

Doesn’t make any sense to have some one take over a bank vault in the wilderness – that has 10k bulk in it -

They take it over- and the vault is empty..
But as long as the previous owner has withdrawal privilege - they can walk up to it and take everything out of it..
all vaults- personal - company and company secure - should be spoils of war when a holding is over run -
A player shouldn’t have any expectations of keeping items in a person vault in the wilderness without any risk of losing it ..

Just my opinion.
With Paizo con approaching- are you guys working on anything to get folks to come in and check out the game progress ? -
free rolls to the society folks with screen shots of their characters at the emerald spire?
Perhaps a shorter version of the run around the map quest - that gives an item they can use in society for something ? – perhaps some sort of flavor quest relating to the current scenario they are in ?
How about an account with 1 months of xp with the a purchased badge ? - or just a code you can give to folks that come by the table so they can build a character and mess around in game for a bit( if you are setting one up a table this year?) ..
Anyway just curious what if anything you are planning on doing this year- Think it could be worth it to do something special - even if it pulls one of the devs off the road map a little bit- but that is just my opinion..
@ Bob
Is this Polish ?
Question about settlements - are folks going to be able to pick the different settlement layouts in the polish stage ( 7 options diagrammed in the bottom of the fire side chat from August 2015)?
Along with that - there are plots that currently we cant use ( only can have 2 large plots etc) - I was under the impression that the extra space(s) were waiting on the other roles to be released .. i take it that is still the case.
@ Flari
In example 1 - the old leader comes back to a company with influence already intact- just needs to figure out what settlement he is attached to and if he wants to stay- or if he wants to move- He can build up holdings if needed ( immediately) declare a few feuds for raids (immediately) or conquering - and pretty much get back into the game as fast as he wants ..

Example 2 - the old leader comes back to the game finds out he is not a leader of a company - new leadership doesn’t want him to raid or feud, doesn’t want him to take over certain hexes unless they tell him which ones etc - or just didn’t like the person much when they played 3 years ago - so new leader doesn’t reinstate his role - and he has to leave and start over with a new company ( perhaps leaving a guild name he really is attached too) - so his first couple months in game he is rebuilding influence and working for 3+ months to get back to the point where he thought he would be when he first came back to the game.. but face it PFO’s track record isn’t going to make him stay for 3 months to do all that - he is going to log in find out what happened logged out and tell everyone how PFO online screwed him over …
Pretty big difference to me
If people want “their value to be recognized for __ years” why not go back to the original influence discussion and tie influence to a character instead of something a company controls..

That way if you leave a company and start a new one / join a new one - you take your influence with you - (just seems that was against the whole concept of influence to begin with . Yet it would give characters the value you want for the time you put in.).
you guys are still missing the point –
People have sold accounts - that is a fact and nothing we can do anything about.. The issue in my mind is when the person who bought the account takes control of an entire company that they never actually joined ( beginning of the game when all the leaders were active, they didn’t grind up the original influence , they just bought it -)..

Those guys probably know they aren’t getting anything out of their settlement vaults ( because someone sold their account when they were a leader, and that is completely expected )-
but they are thinking they have a company and influence .. with which they can do things in game, feud raid, siege etc.

What this policy is going to do is take those companies away from them. When/If they return and they aren’t happy with the direction of the new leadership and cant take control back because they are no longer leaders - their only recourse is going to be to start over (instead of the current players starting over in a new company)..

That alone is going to make them bitter enough to just turn the game off for good and trash the game/ Paizo on whatever media platform they can find..

Still don’t understand how/why some of the decisions that are made here are so short sighted…
This is a horrible PR move .. it doesn’t do anything to welcome people back it just creates a chance that someone that returns is going to be pissed that they did..
Look at who it could affect and how it affects them, and what it could do to hurt the game in the long run, not how it affects the few folks left playing - We can build up a new company and phase out risky ones if needed.

So why even take the chance ?
Will try to let this one go after this - I understand your claims - but read the example below try to come up with how something positive happens for GW/ Pazio ..

Going to use an example.. to illustrate why this is such a horrible idea.
I know of a company that was attached to Kreutz.
The founding member of the company and most of the leaders walked away from the game.
One of those members who was a leader in the company sold their account.
That company is not the founding company of Carpe , but it was used to put up holdings (not certain if it is still used that way but at one point in time it was). I understand the guys who have played that company for the last 2 years have probably done more with the company than the original owners..

To Some folks perception is reality .. So look at it from the returning players side.

The original group decides to give PFO a shot again ( GW and Paizo should support that idea)- All the original leaders of that company come back- they are expecting that they have a company with a 1k-1.5k influence.

With this “ email us if you want to keep the company idea” - these guys would be ousted from their own company .. not by players but by the developers of the game and the policies of the company..

KB is now Carpe - and who is one of the players of carpe ? The CEO of GW/Paizo..
You can say that is not what happened till you are blue in the face - but to those returning players - their company was stolen from them by GW/Pazio, and it benefited the CEO ‘s settlement ..

Like I said - I don’t think this going to happen - but it is a possibility - and since it is GW/Paizo should not be involved with anything like this – Ever..
Nothing good can come from it-

Let any drama that comes about form a return - happen without direct developer involvement-

Let the players sort it out.

Guess you guys know where I stand on this subject ..

As long as we don’t have a influence cap -
And You keep a settlement leader list that has an active character as the leader of the settlement ..

Then don’t waste anytime with this request ..

The founding company leader can already remove any company they need to.
The founding company leader can demote any leader within his own company..

Then there is nothing you guys should really worry about ..
Any non founding company with questionable leadership - can be replaced with trusted players and leaders - that just takes time - and influence farming. If those companies hold holdings the settlement should take it upon themselves to fix that issue.

If those companies don’t have any active players and still have holding hexes - that could be an issue- that may need your intervention- but that seems like a super edge case. Because then they can kick the company and feud it and take over the hex the old fashion way..
I urge you guys to take zero chances of pissing off returning players by demoting them . Players are typically loyal their company / guild names .. If they come back and find out their company is controlled by a former enemy or they no longer control the guild name that they have controlled in every game they have played in for 10 years….., and then find out GW / Pazio are the ones that demoted them .

You are taking a risk of pissing off the very player base you want to recruit back into the game…

Just my opinion on it ..