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Stephen Cheney
Slotting two of the same weapon does very little right now. Theoretically the secondary attacks are using the stats from your offhand weapon, but I can easily believe they're not playing the animations. About the only reason I can think to do it with the current tech would be, once rank 6 attacks and T3 weapons are available, to mix divine and general attacks with full keywords.

For cross-weapon dual wielding, the combos flowcharts now include all the dual wield options.
Stephen Cheney
I'm pretty sure we've seen it and fixed it before, so it's good to know when it's back like the bad penny of a bug it is.
Stephen Cheney
Confirmed the attack buff/debuff icon isn't showing up on NPCs for some reason. I'm pretty sure the attack debuff from Drained, Frightened, and Oblivious is still working, just the icon isn't visible. I'll bug it. Thanks!
Stephen Cheney
Incidentally, the changes mentioned earlier will probably actually be in 10.2, rather than 11, since I had to commit my working files to fix an issue and no major disagreements with the changes were proposed.
Stephen Cheney
Here's the tentative patch list for changes I've made so far for EE11 based on this and the expendables thread (so there's still time to argue to get your idea on the list, or to change ones you don't like; remember, I need specific rationales and examples why things are good or bad).
  • Changed Penetrating and Vital Strike: A few Vital Strike variants changed if they were providing a debuff that the weapon as a whole did not combo off of (e.g., most still apply Bleeding, Longbow also adds Revealed, Battleaxe applies Razed, Greatclub applies Dodging, Club and Shield apply Exhausted). All Penetrating Strike variants were changed to do extra Base Damage based on the debuff applied by Vital Strike (e.g., Base Damage +X if target is Bleeding), and to apply a small amount of one effect conditionally on another (both effect are ones commonly used by the weapon); essentially, Penetrating and Vital Strike now fit into the weapon's combo path and allow Fighters different combo options. Vital Strike does more damage than Penetrating Strike.
  • Changed Minor Cure and Channel Positive Energy to have a smaller up-front heal and add rounds of Regeneration (they heal a little more total, but it takes time and makes it harder to stack them).
  • Lowered the cost of Regeneration and Fast Healing buffs slightly (most feats that grant these effects grant them for longer).
  • Slightly increased stamina costs (and, thus, damage and/or other effects) for attack feats and utilities across the board. They weren't returned to their previous costs (in particular, secondaries still cost 1.5x primaries rather than 2x), but hopefully back to a point where you can risk running out of Stamina, particularly while Exhausted.
  • Reduced knockback on Cowards Flee.*
  • Returned Shadow Blast to a Long Blast AoE.
  • Reduced cast time for Spring Heel (Toolkit maneuvers) to 1.1 seconds.
  • Switched Rogue Kit evade maneuvers to 1.1 seconds.
  • Improved effects on Holy Light and reduced damage.
  • Slightly increased Knockback on Force Hail.

* I still need more specifics (from Phyllain or anyone else who agrees there's a problem) on what exactly people are doing with greatswords that makes them so awesome right now, so I can determine if the problem is that one or more effects are underpriced and/or too good in combination, or if greatsword needs a reconsideration to its budget and balancing in general.

Also, how many people are using the charging buffs for their intended purpose (i.e., getting to an ally who's out of melee range)? The impression I'm getting from this thread is that their primary use is getting around the cooldown on Minor Cure, which was not the intention when they were added as a test (I'd happily have them share a cooldown if that was a tech option). I'm strongly considering just increasing the range on the base version of those buffs to ~12m and removing the charging versions (since, as noted, they were free additions as a test). Thoughts?
Stephen Cheney
I've seen lots of talk about balance changes in various threads. I'd like everyone to try to advocate for their opinions as clearly as possible in this thread. I need specifics here, rather than generalities about the desirability of a weapon, so I can work out which parts of the math to fiddle with. In particular:
  • If you have a problem with an attack that uses a certain effect, do you find that effect too weak/strong on other feats, or is it just in that configuration it causes a problem? Why?
  • Which situations are you generally using the attack in (e.g., 1v1 PvP, group PvP, solo PvE, group PvE, etc.)? If it's too weak/strong against that type of target, have you tried it against other types and found it to be similarly problematic, or is there a difference caused by situational tactics?
  • If you think an entire weapon is too strong/weak, what specific synergies are you seeing in that weapon that are causing the issue? Is this a situation where one attack is key to the weapon being overpowered/there's a missing functionality in the weapon that you wish was there, or do you think all attacks on the weapon are too good/too weak? If the latter, why?
Stephen Cheney
Lot of talk about the weapon attacks in 10.1, but I haven't seen a lot of feedback on the changes to Expendables.

How does everyone feel about them now? What's so good it's essential? What's still not worth learning?

Specifics on why you feel that way?
Stephen Cheney
Margin of Failure reduction is actually the square root of the miss amount x 6.3%. If you wanted to hit 100 and rolled a total of 90 (after bonuses), that miss by 10 would actually reduce your damage and most effects by 19.9%. Which is to say, even missing by a little can hurt your damage significantly, but missing by a lot doesn't have a linear relationship with missing by a little.

Hopefully soonish we'll be getting a feature change that will make EP more predictable and less confusing for beneficials. But, in the case described, the others are right that changes in the healing of Minor Cure and Channel Positive Energy are likely to do with changes in the maximum hit points of the player healed (since they both heal a percentage of maximum HP, rather than a fixed amount).
Stephen Cheney
When planning everything out, I did actually make by-hand flowcharts for all the dual-wielding combos. Maybe I'll try to get those into GraphViz next week.
Stephen Cheney
The dispelling expendables will likely change to just one really-long Dispelling after the change (maybe multiple long ones at the high end, if I can confirm that it's actually stripping multiple buffs that way). The current multiple-Dispelling for those was a way to get around the limitation of the effect, and I'm not convinced it's even working (and would likely need you to have a bunch of buffs running with a round or less remaining, which is unlikely).

The granularity for all timed effects, as far as I know, is down to the millisecond (possibly finer, not that you'd be able to tell). I can only set the base time in whole integer rounds or seconds (effects timed for rounds are just a shorthand for 6 seconds, as far as the system is concerned; -25% on two rounds drops it to 9 seconds). So, for example, I can't give an effect that's X (2.5 seconds), but if I set it for X (5 seconds) and it's reduced by 50%, it will actually last 2.5 seconds rather than rounding to 2 or 3.