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Same hex, different stuck kit issue. This time is stuck on the wall halfway between the riverbed and the mountain shelf. He is not moving and the kit is stuck again. Picture
The question I would have, is what gets wiped?

Do they take the materials in my vault. The products that I made in my stores. All my experience. The clothes off my back.

Bob - if you guys plan a wipe - please let us know and let's discuss what will be taken.

Maker (Rich Clark)

As far as I know, only Trolls are mentioning a wipe on the forums, nobody that works on the game discuss having one.
Congrats on building a nice AH, Rich and any/all helpers! smile

A few to 20 plat really isn't much at all. A new set of T3 armor should be costing around a pp. on any reasonable market. Any merchant worth his salt will always need that kind of ready coin at hand to invest in what becomes available (mats wise) as well as what he needs specifically.

The problem is the population is too low for the economy to work right. More people playing, more cause for conflict, more coin will move around. It will just happen.
You are a Troll
So, for all that trouble, and assuming an *average* target of a +3 Holding & Outposts in a 600 rating hex, you can walk away with about 70 bulk + 5% of whatever MIGHT be in the Secure Vault? That's laughable! No wonder no one conducts any raids!
Under the rules I mention the bandits [Aragon group] must have raided a dozen or more hexes over a couple of months until the owners got wise and started draining the vaults more often. On bad days we got ~40 bulk, on good days over 200. My last several raids were for capture only.
I am about a week short of 2 months playing PFO, so probably considered a newbie and so far planning on sticking around. Where this game thrives IMO is when playing in a party, solo is very tough for a newbie. The running across the map is a bit annoying but mainly because I end up running past dead zones of shutdown settlements and don't see any other players until I get to where the few that are on discord or who let me know what they'll be doing. The community is great, but the population density is just too low to avoid getting lonely and bored at times. I have no clue how to overcome that obstacle, but having huge deserted areas of the game world sitting like ghost towns is discouraging and sad to be honest. Being able to teleport across the map wouldn't really help much except to mask the real issue of having not enough players spread across too large of an area.
+1 Thanks for the honest feedback. I assume much of this but it is much better from hearing directly.

So the question is, what are my suggestions.
The most consistent complaint I hear from short lived newbies is cost vs value. $15 was to much to ask for an unfinished game. I have no idea on how to set the price point once the game is finished. I joined the game about 5 months after kickoff, bought a few accounts from folks leaving the game and now have 20 characters earning XP. Cost is not something that is a big factor for me.

The second most common complaint i've heard is the learning curve. I've to help with that by watching general chat and hanging out on discord. I liked the suggestion of the player community posting newbie helpers in thornkeep as a "welcome wagon" kind of thing. You need help right now your first couple days just as I did that christmas break when I first found the game. For the most part, I still hang out with the guys that got me through those first few days.

I can add to this as I think of more, but thanks again NightmareSr for the fresh perspective.
Correct Schedim! Raiding basically works like this:
(1) Pick a target company that has hexes that you think look ripe for the picking, ie holding are not in the shutdown state, etc.
(2) Note the target company's PVP window dates and times. That is based on the settlement they belong to. Be sure to convert the stated time to your local time correctly. I mess up once and wasted a raid because the conversion jumped over midnight and I had the wrong day of the week. I now use this tool:
(3) The feuding dialog will tell you how much influence you need to spend based on the number of days you want it to last. You can set it to start in as little as an hour, or more time if you want to give more warning. If you only give an hour, you can only raid. If you give two days warning, you can capture the hex.
(4) As the PVP window opens the guards pop up around the holding and the outposts. If you are just raiding, kill the guards around the holding and any defenders that show up. There is a count down percentage that drops from 100 down to zero as the last guard falls.
(5)Once the last guard is dead, you and all your buddies (this is not really a solo kind of thing) can stand inside the circle of glowing cones to raise the capture points. This point count must reach 1000 for the capture to complete. Each member in the group adds one point per tic. If the defenders are still around they can drive the counter back down to zero. you can also run out of time on the counter if you can't drive it to 1000 before the raid window closes. 3 hour raid windows for level 20 settlements. Shorter for lower levels. When I was running mine at level 11, I think it was just over an hour.
(6) Once the counter hits 1000, the loot box pops up with day's production of bulk resources of the hex plus 5% of whatever was left in the secure vault.
(7) A hex capture is similar, but takes place over at least two raid days. First day capture the outposts. (No loot drops) Second day take the holding (again no loot drops)
After a raid you get back 75% of the influence you spent on the raid.
After a capture, if you take over the hex, the influence spent on the raid contributes to the influence cost of the holding and outposts you now own.
Raids, Capture, and the feud system Need a Lot of fixing in various areas.

I'd suggest we see how the current rule system works with something closer to the target world population than revising it to fit the current census. It is not broken now and I suspect the upcoming faction system will have some impact on how we interact at a larger scale.
If you plan on scattering your holding all across the map then you'd better plan on defending those holdings all across the map. No teleporting to quickly defend an empire you are unable to defend with proper force projection.
You in a bad mood? lol
There are some things that even I fully supported back in the day. Things seemed great ideas that I don't see as all that fun anymore. I am sure I'm not alone in that. I mean take a look at the player base. clearly some things are not attractive features in today's MMO world. There have been plenty of complaints about the running and running from new players that we never see again.

Not all ideas will fix this, of course! How about throwing out some of your own though instead of being a nasty lil boy and biting people that try?

I suppose my nasty tone comes from my position that this whole thread is trying to fix a problem that does not exist. Have we lost any new players with the complaint "I can't buy gear because those nasty old timers are driving up the price artificially!" or current players complaining "I tried to siege a settlement but their reserves were insurmountable!"

Until we get newbies to stick, lets focus on problems that seem to be in the way, Not imagining what might be an issue well over a year from now.
There is a non-refundable influence cost to raid. Any *intel* from the holding should also incur a non-refundable influence cost.
Sure. I'd be fine with that but I don't see it as apples to apples. Just as info like "Duuurrr. Hey Boss, We got raidered last night. Durr."

What is the non refundable influence cost for raiding?

25% of the influence you spent to initiate the raid in the first place. Jeez, learn the rules of the game you have been playing all these years.
If you plan on scattering your holding all across the map then you'd better plan on defending those holdings all across the map. No teleporting to quickly defend an empire you are unable to defend with proper force projection.