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Thanks for the update Lisa. smile
Hi Lisa,

Happy Halloween! We have reached the last day of October. Do you have any goodies to share? smile

"I will do my best to keep you updated as news arrives. If funding comes during October, you will be the first to find out. If not, then I will provide another update at the end of October."
There is about an 8 hour/800 XP difference for characters made in the first hours of day 1 (until they got the XP bug squashed).

There has been no fix for us that have that -800 XP difference on our DT as of this time.

I sent in a ticket to Ryan & he was able to create a ticket on my account(S) so that when they do release the tool, it will be flagged & corrected upon release. I suggest anyone else in the same situation to have this done so it will be easier to resolve for Goblinworks. smile
You should email customer support at

I'll give this a shot. Thx Tinkerton.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
About 374,000 for the main. Chars made the first month were backdated to day one, but there was some hinkiness the first day, and some chars did not get backdated. I think DT's made during the first while were not backdated to the start, but started when they were created, so will not be identical. If it took you a few hours to make the DT, they could easily be notably different.
Thanks for the response Caldeathe. I have one with about 373120K vs. 372628K. So these are off slightly & did not get fully backdated. Where should I send to have corrected? I have tried sending in in-game ticket when this happened but never got a response & I haven't played the game since. Thank you. smile
Hi. Can someone tell me how much XP I should have accumulated todate if I created my characters within the first two hours of going live? I had a Destiny Twin and both are not the same. Where can I send to for any discrepancies? Thank