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All posts created by Telemvar

I don't seem to be getting the +15 Dowser buff from my Dowser Cottage.

I am finding I just do not have time for PFO anymore and would like someone else to enjoy the game. I have two characters:
Dwarf Cleric/Fighter - Tier 2.5-ish - 395872 XP
Elf Staff Wizard - Tier 2 - 602188 XP

Here are the benefits on the account:
Daily Deals 1
Early Enrollment 1
Alliance Pack 1
Soundtrack Download 1
1 Month game time 3
Regional Trait Pack 1
Twice-Marked of Pharasma 1
Test Server Access 1
Head Start 1
Shield Mate 1
Behind the Scenes PDF 1
Character Name Reservation 1

Email araevintelethur AT
no one is buying this decius. it's not more clear than ever that you are running pfofirefighter's account.
Hard edges and soft edges can be found on turd mountain
Turds can be dark
You get a vote if you choose Turd Mountain or Mount Turdandius
Grow up.
Tigari…I….can't even respond…..
That's the only reason I put forth the idea
Decius. Stop. You aren't the forum police so quit acting like it. All you have been doing the past month is exacerbating every issue with your stupid trolling. If you post one more dev quote trying to police people I swear to desna!