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@Edam You are absolutely correct and that is the main reason behind this reboot. We had hoped for a more developed PVP system, one with much more risk/reward for PVP actions, and it was not perceived as "MVP material." When it does make its way into PFO, we will reevaluate our position and will likely return to our Bandit ways. Until then, if we are to survive and thrive, we must adapt to what is currently available and viable.
By Order of the Aragonian Council:

The settlement known as Aragon is undergoing several major changes. This being due to the evolution of PFO into it's current state of existence. Here are some of those changes:

Banditry isn't a viable method of advancement within the world of PFO. This is likely to change and when it is viable, Bandit activity may resume in Aragon. Those joining Aragon need not be bandits but should not be opposed to it. Aragon is changing to a more PVE/Escalation/Crafting focused community. While these activities have always been active within Aragon's walls, they will be getting more attention and focus then before.

Until the current membership size of Aragon increases, we will be operating as a single company "The Aragonian Council." This will simplify communication, banking, and other settlement activities. This in no way implies that companies are restricted or otherwise unwelcome within Aragon. Quite the opposite. We want and desire companies to call Aragon home. We are making these changes with the hopes that everyone will see Aragon as a viable settlement and a desirable place to call home.

Aragon will begin actively recruiting both individuals and companies to join our ranks. It is our goal to grow our community into a strong and vibrant entity within the world of PFO. We hope to one day have the membership that the larger settlements have, and even surpass them.

A few reasons to pick Aragon over other settlements:

Aragon has prime real estate in terms of location. We have access to 2 different mountain ranges, each sporting different ores and resources. We are in a forest which provides wood and herbs aplenty. The highlands are not far, including 1 hex immediately adjacent to the settlement. This provides coal and silver in large quantities.

We are near to Thornkeep, and Marchmont, (which is currently the starting location of new players.) Because of close proximity to NPC and starter settlements, the potential for new players is high. Companies that reside in Aragon should have an easier time with recruiting.

Defensively, we don't have any escalation hexes near enough to threaten the settlement proper. This means it is very unlikely that we will have an overpowering presence outside our walls.

If you and/or your company would like to join our settlement, or have further questions, feel free to message myself or Bluddwolf.
Bandits as a whole have been dealing with people's assumption of our tactics and motives for the last 2+ years on these and Paizo's forums. @doc, I am not sure how long you have been on these forums but I can tell you the UNC has been dealing with that exact thing this whole time we been here.

My tidbit is not really adding much, just wanting to remind people that "Value" is what someone else will pay for whatever you have. If someone will pay for coal (and pay could mean exchange of services not just exchange of coin) then coal has a value of the exchange. This even applies to real life, if I pay $2 for a burger, that burger is valued at $2, if they raise it to $3 and I still buy it, then it has increased in value.

The day EVERYONE stops paying for a particular resource, regardless of price, then that resource has worthless. Basically, the price of Coal has been discussed in this thread and I am saying that if the price (value) has gone down due to availability of it, then welcome to economics 101. Demand vs Supply. That being said, it is my belief that coal, and other highly used resources, will NEVER be worthless as it is used for so many things, most of which need high quantities of it.

Anyway, as normal, I have rambled more then intended. Take care and remember….. "You have what you hold."
The members of Aragon are looking forward to having the sit down with ya, Lisa.
One question some of my people were asking:
0-3 towers = lvl 8 training
4-7 towers = lvl 9 training

If I am a lvl 8 fighter, and my settlement holds 4 towers, I can train there to lvl 9 right? That makes sense. But what if I go to a settlement that holds 0 towers? Can I still train lvl 9 there cause my settlement has access to it, or is it limited to my settlement only?

Related but different question:
I'm lvl 8 fighter and my settlement has 0-3 towers so they can't offer me training any higher, but what if I go to a different settlement that has 4 towers? Can I train there?

Basically, am I limited in training by the # of towers my settlement holds? When seeking training elsewhere, What limits my access: My home settlement tower count, or the settlement I am trying to train from?
That is basically why I was asking what it is tied to. I am assuming that each building is tied to a role, and what ever settlement has that role trainers, then should have those crafting/refining trainers. So it should be in Freevale and not Aragon. Fair enough, I will look for it assuming it gets corrected in a later patch.
I'm not sure the actual number on the sheet but I am a dwarf with miner 7 and I can tell you that each node varies as to what I get from it. I have gotten 2 ore from some and up to 8 from a single node. Even with +2 light armor matching 3 key words to my pioneer armor feat and strong back and encumbrance bonus both at 3, I can carry a decent amount, but definitely not anything close to what my forester can with less feats. I understand ore compared to flowers and logs would weigh more but without some sort of caravan, cart, ect system it does suck.

I personally just deal with it while I wait for those systems, but I can see people's complaints. I have found a few companions that travel with me to help clear/distract mobs form nodes, and also play mule for me to effectively increase my carrying capacity. Once we all fill our bottom bar, we run back. I get a decent haul with this. Maybe it will help others to do the same.
I checked and Aragon does not have one. I think we used to at one point but that might had been when we were based out of Marchmount. Also Freevale does not have one either. I will post a bug report so the devs are aware of this. I am not sure which role it is tied to for other settlements, but maybe that will show them something got messed up somewhere.

It makes sense that Expert and Freeholder are crafter only (and NPC but I expect those to go away sometime soon) but I was curious if they might also be tied to a role. No biggy.
Quick question concerning the "where" question, I am in a fighter/rogue settlement and we don't have a gemcutter trainer, so I went to a cleric/wizard settlement thinking they have what we don't, and they don't have one. Is this correct or is this exclusively a crafting settlement skill? Also, the NPC classes like expert training, is that there as well, or is it supposed to be tied to a role type?
Posting from my phone

Sorry for the delay. I have been informed that there has been a lot of interest in companies wishing to call Aragon home. I just moved and have had issues getting Internet installed at the new house. I'm due to finally get it installed tomorrow. As soon as it is up and running, I will be online and accepting requests. Again, I apologize to those who have been waiting to join. Feel free to renew your requests as needed until I am able to get back in game.