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Tork Shaw
I think you are not supposed to be getting any influence at all if your company is < 6 people.

Yupyup. But never fear! Turns out the bones of the Influence system are in but not the meat so all your earnings/observations will be skewy for a little while.
Tork Shaw
But it does appear that each kill we make is disregarding our actual achievement levels, and granting the company Influence as if we are brand new characters.

Wait, how are you identifying how much influence you are getting for each action?
Tork Shaw
I think that is a big part of the design. The Devs really don't want two main power blocs and the server controlled by a handful of micromanagers. They want friction, internal and external, for organizations.

All this, yep! smile
Tork Shaw
*swings by*

So yep you can keep positive faction ratings with more than one faction. However, if you dont keep working for them all you will start to lose rating with them as you gain it with others. I have a few versions of how that works so you'll need to treat it as conceptual until I finish the maths smile Your example (religious faction + secular faction) is totally feasible with minimum effort. It will be relatively easy to maintain relationships with theologically similar churches, but radically harder to maintain relationships with churches with different outlooks/alignments.

There are 6 ranks of faction membership. At a certain rank (at the moment I think it is 5+) you will become constantly flagged 'for the cause' which means you a) get all the best benefits of being in that faction but b) you become free PvP to any of that faction's enemies who are also 'for the cause'.

You can also voluntarily flag yourself 'for the cause' if you have a rank of 2+, allowing you to hack up any of your faction's enemies who are also 'for the cause'. Flagging and unflagging 'for the cause' is done from any faction building.

As for clerics: Again the mathematics are not set but the jist of it is that they will either gain a flat bonus to faction rating for X faction (determined by feat load out, existing faction rating, or active choice/commitment to a detity - best way yet to be decided!) OR they will earn faction rating much, much faster for a faction whose domain/alignment/skill/feat-loadout they are currently meeting.

Does that make sense?
Tork Shaw
Quick note relatd to all this - I was asked in the Keepside Chat about what spaces would be available for Holdings… There has actually been no change to that, so basically anything that isnt a monster hex, settlement hex, road hex, or NPC hex.
Tork Shaw
Thannon Forsworn
You do one or the other and what you seem to be saying is crafting is trivial despite the XP costs and the fact that people are specializing out necessity. You're kinda of telling us we need to stop spending XP on crafting and doing something we judged to be much more productive as s whole, thus delaying all our production efforts, and go spend XP on combat so I can grind trivial difficult mobs.

Ok that is absolutely NOT what we are saying at all. I dont think I can really explain it any other way so I'll just restate and ask you to approach the answer from a slightly different angle. Imagine, for a moment, that you WERE a PvE player but you could only play for 2 hours a week…

Earning influence is easy.
It is done by EVERYONE in the company, all the time, at differing rates.
A player who only plays 2 hours a week will earn influence less quickly than one who plays 8 hours a week.
Their contribution is just as valid, however, because a) they still raise the max cap, b) they still contribute influence - FOR FREE - on TOP of WHATEVER actions they pursue, c) most companies will be at max influence ALL THE TIME anyway so any surplus influence they earn is going right in the trash, d) influence only affects PvP and a player only engaging 2 hours a week is unlikely to be a significant cog in the PvP wheel so they are JUST a bonus, not a drain or a risk.

Then imagine for a moment that you are a high level player who has completed almost ALL the achievements:

Your contribution is still valuable because you raise the cap.
You are SO IMPORTANT to the company because of your experience and muscle that THAT is your contribution, to hell with the pitiful influence you will contribute.

Does that make any sense?
Whether or not the crafting experience is satisfying is not really my bag so I dont want to get stuck into that, but I am confident that in this durability based, full loot, weapon and armor dependent game, crafting is sort of THE THING.
Tork Shaw
Le ninja'd me to the punch (improved unarmed strike).

Influence is not YOURS. It belongs to your company. It isnt like XP - it is used to engage in PvP game elements, not advance your character.

If you are a crafter character you will earn influence more slowly, but you provide exactly the same max influence bonus to your company. Because of the way influence is earned you will not struggle to find a company to join because you dont earn influence fast enough - you'll struggle to find a company to join if no one wants your kind of crafting or if you are not a person that others want to play with.

As a non-PvP crafter your usefulness as a machine for generating the PvP currency is in line with your usefulness in toe-to-toe PvP. Your usefulness to a PvP company overall, however, is VAST!
Tork Shaw
Tork Shaw
Are there any restrictions on the Companies that manage Settlements? For example, can they have other Holdings as well?

When a company gains a settlement a new organisation is formed. The original company does not own that settlement - they continue to operate as a company in their own right, so they can capture whatever they like!

Note that even if this is the intended design, it is not the case today. Right now each settlement has an owning company which operates as a normal company but also has rights to manage the settlement.

Truth. This was a short-term WoTT solution.
Tork Shaw
@ Guurzak

I am not OK with it. An Armorsmith is an Armorsmith and not a Goblingrinder. This is supposed to be a MMO where at last we have Roles that are NOT Combat roles. This was a big selling point. We get Carpenters and Masons, for crying out loud.

Do these all have to go out and grind goblins, in order to be able to contribute to such an important system as Influence?

Crafting *is* part of the PvP systems. Also, the easiest way to gain influence currently is through PvE: grinding goblins.

Sorry, this is a potential gamebreaker for me.

My solution, create a formula where every crafting job gets weighed as to how much influence it yields. I am totally in favor of the Influence being tied to making stuff: just don't put it on the same level as killing a single goblin.

You will probably earn less influence per hour crafting than you will killing, this is true. I'm not sure what your concern is though..? Is it that you dont get as good a deal on your actions as a PvE or PvP player does? You are getting less per click, as it were? Please expand.
Tork Shaw
So lets say I am a veteran, been playing since month 1 of EE and I join a company prior to April 1. Then, on lets say April 25th something happens whereby this company is no longer the correct company for me. Maybe we don't all get along, maybe the company leader turned into a real asshat, maybe some real annoying people joined, maybe we can't all get on and play at the same times, maybe my personality starts really grating on people - whatever it is. Now lets say this is a rather large company of 30+ members. So what happens now? I am stuck in this company because they already *ate* all of my influence and I can't take any with me? What happens if they simply boot me? Where do I go? Do I need to beg some other company to take me and get a, "Sorry, we don't need any more gem cutters" answer?

This mechanic seems like it places way too much power and leverage into the hands of the company and settlement leaders.

I disagree, however, we shall see. It is something I am very aware of but I am pretty comfortable with the decision I've made. The example you give above could happen even WITHOUT the influence system.