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Tork Shaw
Tork Shaw
Aside from building Holdings & Outposts, and declaring feuds, are there any other intended Influence expenditures? If a company is not planning on building an outpost nor declaring feuds, is the Influence it gains essentially wasted?

We have a few on the list (temporary bonuses, special items/features, pie in the sky…smile but they will likely not feature for a while. A company who do not want to own things or do feuds will be able to use their influence to push feuds thrown at them (i.e. choose a better time for them to start) and get minor company bonuses that improve quality of life for company members. Influence is the 'currency' of PvP, however, so it isnt all that much use (and likely will never be) to companies who do not with to engage in such systems.
Isn't influence also supposed to be used to help cover the maintenance costs of a settlement? Paying the monthly wear and tear on buildings?

It is not, nope. Thats bulk goods/coin/items.
Tork Shaw
Are there any restrictions on the Companies that manage Settlements? For example, can they have other Holdings as well?

When a company gains a settlement a new organisation is formed. The original company does not own that settlement - they continue to operate as a company in their own right, so they can capture whatever they like!
Tork Shaw
Cheatle for TEO
4) Have you considered a loyalty bonus? The longer someone is with you it might increase the max influence they give, or during anniversary months they gain a tiny bit of influence.

5) Have you considered a compromise on the system for Vet players, where lets say, 1 in 5 points gets assigned to the player, and if they leave they take 20% of their accumulated influence with them to where ever they go. Its kind of like a base influence, and anything above that amount is given to the company. This would prevent the situation that you described in EVE from happening, but allow vets to have some meaning besides increasing/decreasing max influence (A vet it worth more than the influence they provide) when they leave.

4) Dont jump on this comment just yet because its still something we are toying with but there is a possibility that there will be additional ways to improve/increased/earn influence that favour veterans. Trophies are a good example - the best trophies will basically ONLY be available to vets because they will come from completing super high level escalations, bosses, or dungeons.

5) I did consider it for a long while but after sketching out a few versions of this system I'm pretty against taking influence with you. If it turns out I was wrong I'm up for revisiting, but the implications of moving influence with characters are troubling to me… The earning process is NOT challenging, but it is a useful gate on rapid meta-moving between companies for a variety of possible exploits, some of which are mentioned in this thread and some of which I'm not going to mention because that would be daft of me smile

Bear in mind that influence generation infinite - so when we talk about letting a character take X% of their influence with them that too is an infinite number. It is not practical to hard cap that number (instead of a %) in the long term because then we introduce an inefficiency at a certain level that will inevitably attract disdain from high level players. It also starts to make assumptions and judgments about influence totals and character attractiveness/power and introduces an extra weird consideration in selecting new company members ("We'll accept Level X characters but only if they have Y influence totals with them"smile which is undesirable.
Tork Shaw
Thannon Forsworn
Is there any particular reason you didn't simply attach someone's influence to their character and have it follow them around? It's still an incentive to get new folks in for quicker gains, but it doesn't make folding companies or jumping ship potentially devastating, and it still affects your total allowed and usable at any given time. The potential to completely destroy Influence seems like a problem area as you can't guarantee reasonable replacement without a fresh recruit which is only going to make the recruitment efforts even more cutthroat.

I think various peeps have covered this in subsequent replies. Influence does not belong to the character, it belongs to the company. Think of it as the work you did FOR that company, not the work you did for yourself. Any benefits that you gained while doing that work (loot, achievements, practice, knowledge) is yours to keep, but the work you did for the company remains with them.

Influence accumulation is infinite. You might have to go sideways to do it as effectively, but you can ALWAYS earn more.
Tork Shaw
Tork Shaw
4) We have a strong vision for companies and it is one that we have stated pretty clearly. Companies are MEANT to be between 6 (absolute minimum) and 50 (absolute maximum) members. The sweet spot for the next year or so will be about 15-20 players. In the distant future that will look more like 25-30 members. Yes, you can go to 50 and you will not SUFFER for it, but you will not be as efficient as you could be.
Stephen just pointed out that my language is too extreme here - there is no HARD cap on company size - but I really, really dont suggest going above 50. Totes pointless, innit.
Tork Shaw
Influence is also not an end all measure of a company. The number of active members, and their level of activity, will be important. A player might be able to field an 18-character company using multiple accounts and alts. But if he can only run one or two effectively, what that company can do is somewhat constrained. Likewise, it's fine to be able to use a 6-character company to take a holding and two outposts. But how fast you can build those outposts and holding, and how effectively you can harvest from that hex, may require more characters and more active characters.

*thumbs up emoji*!!
Its hard not to look at influence in a vacuum and see it as a sort of XP score for your company. In a sense it is, but as Yrme points out - just as your characters XP is NOT an absolute measure of its deadliness/power, neither is your influence score a measure of your company's power. Its a measure of your reach - but you still have to hold onto whatever you grab hold of.
Tork Shaw
Eek. Ok. There's quite a lot going on here. I'd rather not get bogged down in the mathematics, so let me make a few statements that should reframe the discussion a bit.

1) Influence is not one of those systems that is about competition or frantic acquisition. Influence represents the reach of your organisation based on its membership. You are THIS BIG you can own/engage in THIS MUCH. You are not going to be fighting each other for influence, nor comparing influence scores ("Mine is bigger than yours."smile Influence is simply a method of regulating what a company can hold/do in order to prevent WEALTH being the primary metric that determines engagement in game systems.

2) Gaining influence is not meant to be onerous. An 'average' company can reach their max influence in about 6 months just doing stuff they would regularly do. They can get there MUCH faster if they want to. The delay, rather than just granting influence on company creation, is to ensure ONGOING engagement with game systems. You must keep playing to keep playing. It also introduces a mild mechanical pressure for players to make their company work. A mechanical pressure that will hopefully be replaced by social pressures in time.

3) The 'bootstrapping' of influence at the end of war of the towers is not watertight science… Yes, some people are going to do better than others. We already know what each company's influence would look like if we ran the calculation and its all over the shop. Some tiny wee companies have bananas influence totals. Some larger ones are surprisingly low. The translation is going to be a bit scrappy, but in (I'd guess) 2 - 3 months after that everyone who currently has a company of 6 members or more will be at max influence (if they are not there on day 1).

That said - if you are in a massive company because of the screwy mathematics of War of Towers I'd suggest you look closely at the date of conversion and make sure to split up just before then. Fair warning.

4) We have a strong vision for companies and it is one that we have stated pretty clearly. Companies are MEANT to be between 6 (absolute minimum) and 50 (absolute maximum) members. The sweet spot for the next year or so will be about 15-20 players. In the distant future that will look more like 25-30 members. Yes, you can go to 50 and you will not SUFFER for it, but you will not be as efficient as you could be.

A bonus point I shall call 5) Influence is a soft control system. The numbers will shift as gameplay shifts and companies will lose and gain influence as a result. The core of the system is fairness and the access - it is designed to prevent the stockpiling of power that is common in other PvP MMOs. That is already taken care of in the item economy.

Keep these things in mind:
a) Keep your companies lean. Bloated companies are less efficient. Once you get much bigger than 30+ players you might want to consider starting a new one.
b) Dont worry about earning influence - it will happen naturally over time and you will barely notice. The gate on earning is designed to prevent the shenanigans of abandoning companies for immediate exploiting of feuds and such, not to force farming.
c) Game it if you like. There may be exploits you can think of to earn influence faster. There will be 'ideal' numbers of players you want to keep in 'ideal' numbers of allied companies because that is the sweet spot. The thing to remember is that that doesnt really matter too much. You will never be able to exceed your reach and you dont have to worry about your enemies exceeding theirs.
Tork Shaw
Note: will update as new information is made available.
I am especially interested in asking about the trade skills like Blacksmith, Engineer, Stonemason, Carpenter, and any other skill related to Holding/Outpost construction, transportation, trade/sell, production increase and management. Many of us want to hoard our XP so we can be ready when these skills become available; and know where to go to train them. Inquiring minds want to know! smile

I think you are asking about these skills in particular?

There are still a few questions to be worked out about precisely how this will work, but the general idea is:

A settlement decides to create building X.
They mark this site, allowing the delivery of a building unit.
A player with the Engineering skill creates a blueprint.
The Blueprint is taken to the correct location and 'activated' as a sort of kit (like an outpost or a small holding).
The building process begins.
Players with the Stonemason and Carpenter skill are required to sign up to work on that building.
The higher the building tier the higher the minimum skill required.
If no workers with the minimum requirements sign up the building cannot be built.

Is that sort of clear? Bear in mind this is an outline process and subject to change.
Tork Shaw
So - to clarify - if a company has less than 6 members it cannot have influence at all. ?

Question: If a company of 6 gets enough influence to have holdings and then loses a member so it drops to 5 members what happens to the holdings ?
They will lose them. Their max influence will drop to 0 and they will not be able to hold anything. Like a snake. Or a Marilith already carrying four things. Or one of those grabber machines you get at arcades.
Tork Shaw

1- Your last post lost its orange color.

2- There have been LOTS of threads on influence; have the devs kept up to date, or do you need us to post links to the most recent and hotly debated threads here and on Paizo? (Grin)

1) I'm Scottish. I do not tan well.
2) I cant think of anything I'd like more smile Let me add, however, that implementation of any ideas for the expenditure of influence will be some ways off… I am also SUPER-BRUTAL about what I consider appropriate use of influence. The reason for the whole system stems from the nightmare that is the war-dec system in Darkfall which relies on gold. Gold is an extremely abusable resource and so has no place directly determining PvP ownership and conflict. Influence is not meant to become a currency in the same way, so I'm keen that it doesnt start doing too many things in game.