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Tork Shaw
Couple of things:

a) Yeh has Harad Navar mentions there is a rez slow-down mechanic that diddnt make it in yet which will allow the defenders a way to 'shut down' attackers without having to eliminate their points. Once the rez delay is significant it will be extremely difficult to continue an attack.

b) I'm not sure I'm understanding the first point of the first quotation correctly…

"it allows the scenario where a group of 5 can get a tower to 960, then another group of 5 can come in, and they only have a few ticks to wipe them."

If these are two unconnected groups the second group is starting at 0 and has to get to 1000 themselves. The work of getting to 960 ONLY applies to the group who did so. It is not a figure that applies to the tower in general. Each attacker has their own score.

c) Limiting scores to a single company involved serves two purposes.

- 1) Tech limitations for EE/WoTT. There were originally no alliances in EE. The rudimentary alliance system that is in place was added as a bit of a bonus. It doesnt support complex short term alliances or company to company alliances.

- 2) Disproportionate power creep. As per the River Freedoms you 'have what you hold' - a company who is not strong enough to take or hold a tower will not be able to. Allowing allied companies to score points in the same attack grants a spiraling power creep for companies with many allies (or even worse, those who have split up in to multiple allied companies artificially instead of maintaining one organisation). Further systems will eventually discourage the latter but at the moment without influence, outposts, etc, there is no disincentive from messing with the system in such a way.

In short tower battles are meant to be skirmishes between companies. This will continue into outposts and PoIs. These things should be changing hands on a semi-regular basis and provide the every day PvP short and long term. I'm keeping an eye on things of course, but I believe that when more of our systems come on line and when we have more players and companies the system as designed will behave more as intended.

Thanks for the feedback! Keep it coming smile
Tork Shaw
So specifically the issue is that the huge penalties for attacking new (low level) players are in place but none of the bonuses to regeneration rates for being a new player are in place. This has been an unfortunate combination since everyone is a new player…

Since the last patch I've juiced up regen rates like 20 times so things should be a bit less messy.