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All posts created by Vadaryl

One question will this include removal of Small Holdings by Characters with banned accounts?
Thank you Delius, that is sufficient detailed information at this time for me. My information was being relayed from one person relaying what they heard to another. I wished we had not seen the post that restarted this thread until actual context which I have faith is forthcoming as demonstrated by your post.
First off I think the community of players we have is actually amazing when we work collectively together. A recent example I observed is how we quickly relegated a player that created a potentially offensive named character and then began chatting in general chat. This player was then relegated to obscurity by positive and relevant discussions by different players that may probably do not agree on many things handling the situation.

I am thankful for Midnight insights as they help ground me from idealistic fantasies. One possible concern is given no announcement how some players and groups may be using this knowledge in a way that construes and advantage. This leads to seeing the situation and figuring out ways to communicate. Until last week I did not know that Outlaw Councils were still happening and look forward to addressing representation for those of my community.

The past is behind us, its for us to make the situation better and provide actual results while we dwell in limbo.
Perhaps it is no coincidence that Laurethoron got a Cathedral of Law structure recipe then.
In regards to healing I see that having one to many variables.

In regards to initial buff I think that may be possible seeing how I have observed mobs having an initial opening attack that is not repeated. Example stuns we see from Ustalav Legends and Ustalav Prelates.

I do not know with the friendly fire changes if it would affect other mobs though.

What I do not know and sparked my curiosity of the randomness of Pathfinder Online is was it tried and something really bizarre happened.

This inference is from comments in regards to one of the newer escalations either it was Nhur or Elemental implying they found something really broken during one of the Pathfinder Online Chats with I believe Lee.
Here is my question of pondering from PvE experience.

Has Goblin Works experimented with mobs doing things beyond attacks?

Two examples

1. Wizards type mobs casting energetic field on aggression

2. Cleric type mobs being able to use a heal when hit points reach a threshold.

I find Dark Elves to be a great escalation in regards to challenge. My personal notation is an evolution of balance of different types of mobs and abilities. For Dark Elves the mixture of ranged to melee and variety of damage types along with bleed type affects and different channels.
Discussing exploitable bugs on forums is a bad thing in any game. The result will be people intentionally training the potential exploit and EITHER make the problem more widespread OR get misled into wasting XP cross-training something that is about to be fixed.

It is a level 12 Cleric feat which is very hard to qualify for EVEN as a Cleric, so my feeling is people with issues should talk to Lisa and Bob directly about it and not try and discuss it here and potentially exasperate the problem.

Perhaps a focus group then that can discus this. I had perhaps false hope that we were at a point we could constructively discuss this topic. It is just perhaps not use of the forum for this to be done. I asked as I wanted to verify behavior I have seen in regards to 2 main observances of the feat and how one observance seen may point to it causing a bug with other critical feats such as sheltering critical.
Thank you Bob for this topic and replies.

I agree with Decius in regard to the bug fixing. I would also nominate adding Auction House bugs, an example when purchasing an item with multiple auctions highest price is listed versus lowest price item although it still purchase lowest price item at lowest price cost.

In regards to Auspicious critical I know it has been stated as bugged Is it listed what that behavior is on the forums? I think this may be a discussion on its own as there may be more than one possible problem with auspicious critical.
If possible Thorn guards to stop attacking players on death. Reason Thorn guards are located in New Player shrines to protect players, however they are target able and easy for a player that has started out to attack and then promptly be killed and repeatedly killed.
Adjustment of former shield hexes that were changed in 11.1 to have T2 resources allocated