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You are a Troll
So players will have to learn how to play the game by scrolling through the Public Spreadsheet???
You are a Troll
LOL - for once I agree with Edam….since EARLY enrollment is technically a super long Beta Test, NO ONE should be able to buy XP dating back to the beginning of it, but only back to the beginning of OPEN ENROLLMENT.

However, how about some info on how GW/Paizo plans on getting some actual people willing to play the game long enough to even have the remote thought of actually wanting to drop more cash than the sub fee to buy xp? If Open Enrollment is looming, whats the marketing plan?
You are a Troll

Geography Buff
Magic Master (though maybe this is Tevis manuever? Still, should be 6 total)
Item Master
Famous Ancestor

I pledged at one of those levels listed above and never heard a single solitary word from GW regarding it.
You are a Troll
Seems like there are an awful lot of *promises* that are not only FAR from being fulfilled but also not even mentioned any more - as if they no longer count or matter or were never promises. How can GW declare Open Enrollment with so much left unfulfilled that many people specifically pledged extra $$$ for?
You are a Troll
Well, if we start crowdforging this game to cater to solo players (regardless of the less than 25 people who currently play the game) then we might as well give up now.
You are a Troll
Sounds good.

Be aware that currently the level 17 armorsmith gateway requires Ghostwood Splint. Nothing else will meet the T3 uncommon +2 requirement and the recipe is difficult to find. If you add a T3 uncommon helm below level 17, levelling a Armorsmith to high T3 could become substantially easier.

Personally I think getting rid of the Ghostwood Splint requirement to level armorsmith would be a very good thing. However such a change should be made with full awareness of its implications.

100% disagree. Keep the Ghostwood Splint gate - it is a right of passage for, probably, one of the most important crafters in the game. I don't remember who's job it was to create those tables and set those gates (Stephen's maybe? Everyone together?) but I am willing to bet substantial thought went into it and it wasn't just simply pulled out of his ass. Hard is fun, remember?
You are a Troll
If you need more than 9 potions to cross the whole map you are making the wrong damn potions! smile
You are a Troll
Yes, yes - as did I for years and years. However, the world is empty (despite the four or five people here who protest otherwise) and Paizo is silent on an update that would actually matter, like moving the whole game to the new Unity Engine that Kingmaker is on. I understand this game is probably at the absolute bottom of the Paizo priority list, but some kind of update would be nice.
You are a Troll

It's the Wednesday after Gen Con and hopefully Pathfinder 2.0 release went splendidly. (anyone go?)

Is there any news about *this* game that Paizo has for us that we can get excited about, or at least help us cling to a last shred of hope?
You are a Troll
Well, not to be a downer, BUT……you remember how empty the world was two years ago when you decided to give it another go? Well, imagine a world with 75% less people in it then that and you will have a good idea of the activity level. General chat is completely dead. You don't ever see anyone anywhere, no even in TK and most escalations just sit around and rot. If there were ever even 25 total people on at any given time, I would be highly surprised.