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All posts created by Zax

I think that the real bottom line is just that more players are needed to make the game run in a way that more closely fits the original design intentions. Not sure if most or any of those are still what Paizo wants the game to be like anymore or not, but a much more large population will help out with most every problem or frustration that we communicate to them.

Unfortunately progress on that is going to be slow until some things get fixed and some "neat" stuff can get implemented and polished. Some just polish and some need to be fairly unique features, not offered in any or very few other games.

@ Paizo/PfO

Keep trucking along guys. We appreciate your efforts very much and know that it isn't easy to do this without many more hands, tools and time than you have. If I can give you any acceptable advice as one of your playerbase, the best would probably be: When your Roadmap is finished, focus on easy to implement features. Bring small scale PVP into a realistically viable activity choice. Figure out how to get micro transactions (and merchandise) into your store. Improve the social connection abilities within the game. Get more "crunchy" game info accessible In-game, at our fingertips.

Well put, Flari-merchant
@ Flari-Merchant

The influence gained by new players that join your company and the fact that the new player might stay with you and your company/settlement should be enough of an incentive to help. PFO is very much about being a part of a settlement first and foremost. If you do not join a settlement, you will hit your ceiling very fast.

PFU used to be very active when I started playing and would often run tours of the map (points of interest, settlements, etc.) Duffy used to host Mumble chats for new and veteran players to discuss classes, feats and other topics.

You can Gather, Craft, manage settlement type stuff, or Hunt (escalations or players).
There are no Dungeons. There are not enough events or rather mini events (gladitorial matches or capture the mule).

Yes, players should be a lot of the content. There used to be actual "bad guys" to watch out for and actual settlement/alliance vs other settlement/alliance without the threat of players getting disgruntled.

Again, the dreaded loop of needing to raise money and needing to put out content to raise said monies.
Today's MMO'er desires content. They chew through content at ridiculous rates. Other than allowing new players to feel like they are involved, new content is the best way to attract players. New content will keep players coming back.

The Social System, as mentioned before, makes it difficult to do so much in this game with other players. That really needs to be improved for most new players to take this game seriously.

As far as the Economy goes, because it is player driven and there is a lack of players, I am not sure how it will ever "take off". Everything has to be crafted. The AH system needs some help. If your coin can be Abbadar-ized, why not goods. And no, making players run all over the map to force interaction is an antiquated excuse. If running everywhere to "force interaction with other players" were still the case, resource re-distribution should have never happened. It is also very annoying (to me) that a player cannot go buy or sell anything from an NPC vendor.

All in all, too much of this games' systems are based on having hundreds of players without being capable of keeping those hundreds of players interested in continuing to play the game. Not sure what a balance would be, but the previously mentioned ideas in the recent "Get Players Interested" threads sound intriguing. It just seems like this game is stuck in a loop, and a viscious one at that. There will have to be some sacrifice to break out of the loop, just not sure what that will be…
As for respecs and "meaningful choices", that argument has less weight when you are dealing with a game that is evolving and your choices change their functions enough times that they no longer mean the same thing when you bought them or NEVER reached the stage/function that they were supposed/assumed they should to reach, i.e. GATHERING UPGRADES, SENECHAL, etc…

Then wipe and start over if respec becomes a viable option that GW wants to implement. GW will never appease all of the players with any decision they make if the players cannot let certain things go. I have mis-spent plenty of XP and would pay for backdated XP and DT'ifying my accounts (started a half year later than I wanted but life happens) but I have gone down the PTW road before and continue to support PFO because it does not favor those type of players. Just like the XP over time vs. The Grind, I support PFO because of XP over time.

DDO had a moment when they had changed certain spells or feats (I cannot remember which they changed exactly) and they allowed every player one Respec token. That game also allows for Reincarnations (a chance to redo your character with another play through and you gain past life benefits) All for a cost. I see no translation of that to PFO except maybe a one-time Respec token.

Meaningful choices are what should drive this game, be it social interaction, which group you join, what class you play, which escalations\resources you hunt and more and more of these choices are being eliminated by "fixes" like resource redistribution or a possible respec.

In summary of all my posts in this thread, I agree with Iram, more and better content will gain more players.

Backdated XP seems like an ugly, dirty mess and a lot of work for an already booked staff for not that much reward other than a little bit of $.

DT's seems like something to entice new players, Triple Toon accounts (all three toons earning XP at the same time) for money might be an option.

Respec with a one-time token might work. Making it part of the game seems wantonly wasteful.

Just my 2 cents
Please remember that we are trying to tackle two very large problem areas seemingly with one overall solution, i.e. backdated xp and DT's for money and new player interest. I agree more with Iram about getting more content being the focus to attract new players and therefore more $.

Harneloot, I tried WoW a couple months ago on a co-workers suggestion. I did not attempt to join any existing players, was just checking out the game playing by myself. There are ways to start with a higher level toon, but the game has way more content. Same as with SWTOR. You can start with a higher level character but both of those games use the XP Grind methodology. And there is a bit of pay to win in both of those games. Not sure how that translates to PFO, just wanted to give some information.
How about new players get to buy backdated xp, capped, like a year's worth, to help the whole "I feel relevant" issue, just not fond of the idea that this gives the existing players another "leg up" if they too can buy backdated xp, or maybe a more scaled xp buy for the existing player base but at a greater cost, otherwise the balance will continue to be out of whack.

As far as respec, there has to be penalties other than coin loss, otherwise meaningful choices are once again driven from the game.

And now…..the dreaded DT topic.

New players should be given the chance to DT their account for a cost. If the Day one players with DT's want their third toon earning, it should also cost, but more than a new player making their account a DT. Day One'ers are already promised things (yes they have not been delivered, yet) and have so many legs up an octopus would blush. Time for those people to grow up, not be so greedy and realize that this game needs new people more than it needs to satiate the existing elite. Give the game a chance to friggin' grow without draining it with personal, selfish needs.

All in all, not a real big fan of where this seems to be headed. Though the game needs revenue and new players, all topics here dangerously flirt with "pay to win" players and all that comes with them. Hopefully, GW can dance along the line without crossing too much to the dark side.
Paddy's suggestion of having "Champion Teams" of each company battle each other seems reasonable. I wish it wouldn't come to match play but given the circumstances, this may be the only way to actually have PVP and not have people sour over it.

Erekose, please do not disparage those that are still trying play the game by bringing up old news. The past is exactly where it belongs, in the past. Player and Settlement decisions have consequences. This is a game of territorial control and consequences. Yes, it IS a game, and some people actually want to play it…

You have what you hold. That includes escalations…. and works both ways.

Duffy Swiftshadow
Probably not, nor should we. Claims are just declarations of intent, it's up to you to decide if going against that intent is worth the potential risk. The peaceful escalation farming initiatives and the lack of any useful PvP is what's killing this game.

That said I can't believe we're still talking about this between the same old people no less.

+ a Billion Trillion
Sorry to switch back to the DT topic, but as an Alt-a-holic and a multiplayer player, I enjoy having 1k alts as scouts for Escalations, Auction Houses or helping to maintain Holdings without having to run everyone everywhere. Adding the DT would be nice, not sure how fee structures would work out, but backdating XP is dangerous and leads towards a Pay-to- Win mentality that this game has avoided quite nicely and is one of the main reasons I still play this game. Grind-to-Win, Pay-to-Win games are out there and I have played more than enough of them to appreciate that PFO is not one of those. As my gaming time has become more and more limited with health issues and an angry (and sadly diminishing) bank account (sniffle), I really appreciate the XP over time. To me, PFO is about building and social interactions (despite my ineptitude at the latter, or former?). The rewards become more clear when you are part of a settlement, when the loot turns into arms and armor, and now, more specifically AMMO smile I feel that the rewards for "doing stuff" are what drives the social aspects of PFO. What PFO needs are new players and the retained interest of new and old players. The DT incentive would be a nice touch. Turning regular accounts to DT's (again, not sure about fee structures) would be very appealing for both new and old players.