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This is where I began my search for a settlement.

some don't exist anymore; but it provided me with an overview of what types of settlements were available so I could narrow my search based on play style/philosophy.

Best of luck, have fun and hope to see you ingame.
From a new player perspective. Finding a settlement that fits with your desired character development strategy as soon as you can is imperative to becoming a long term player and really enjoying this game. The mechanics allow for a new player to become immediately productive within the community through gathering and crafting. The leaders of the community I'm a part of like to say "every bit counts" and within this framework, they are correct.
I know there are a number of raw edges to this game, that I hope will be smoothed out over time; but at its core, this is one of the best MMO games I have every played. Simply for the community currently involved.

Best of luck, and I hope you find the right group of folks.
From a rather new person's perspective (3 weeks), I would have given up after the first two weeks of free game-time if I hadn't found the group I'm in now. This is a challenging game when trying to figure out the mechanics and it is almost impossible to really enjoy playing without the aid of a company and settlement. I, for one, appreciate the time and effort the group took to get me up and running: gear, tips and guidance. Regardless of the outcome with Newcorp; I have enjoyed my time playing thus far thanks to a few folks willing to help. I applaud all of you for doing the same.