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Well, good to have something that lays out some things to look forward to.

Hopefully the *Flag for PvP* will auto happen once you cross into a monster hex, or a hex someone has claimed and set to Low security…if not, then the game might be more populated by people who want to play a multiplayer version of Kingmaker, but I don't think that is going to make for a game that is actually any more interesting than it is right now.
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Ok, been about 5 months give or take….can we get an update on where we are at now? From the above, I think I am only aware of Free Trial Mode being implemented, though, admittedly, I barely play the game at all any more.

Maybe all the work has gone into/is going into the Unity Upgrade? smile
Xyzzy - gatherer, yeoman archer, swamp monster.
What T3+5 uncommon item did you end up making for the gate?
Xyzzy - gatherer, yeoman archer, swamp monster.
WELL DONE sir, well done!
Xyzzy - gatherer, yeoman archer, swamp monster.
The mule ability to either or both of those structures would be great IMO.
Although what about a step further and either allow us to craft a simple mule post structure and/or purchase a mule post that we can set down and use saddlebags where we want?

There was a commitment made at some stage that nothing sold at the cash shop would offer features unavailable in some form elsewhere in game.

Generally speaking that is still the case. You can basically get the benefits of a crafter cottage for example by raising your settlement, there are other ways to get the sort of buffs offered by an adventure cottage etc etc. There are clearly advantages to buying the shop items or they would not sell but they do not offer anything substantial not already available elsewhere in game to some extent.

The simplest way to achieve this goal is make the mule stall a separate shop item that can be attached to any player housing OR player crafted camp.

My personal take:

  • adding mule stalls to freeholds, cottages and camps would be useful and not particularly unbalancing
  • a good option would be a reasonable price paid "addon" with a separate deed you can attach to any player housing whether camp, adventure/crafting cottage or freehold. They should also work with crafted camps. On knocking down the relevant holding both deeds return to inventory.
  • a nice touch would be to have the mule stalls attached to things like freeholds work for all players all the time rather than just the owners party when the owner is logged in (the same way the campfire does).

I think that the Mule stalls on; Holdings, Freeholds and Base camps should have a control system so the owner (or company in the case of holdings) can control Who can mule from the building.
So if a feud/fight happens a enemy can't mine out needed resources from a hex deep in the other's territory and escape with a load of goods on a Mule.


Base Camps & Freeholds should operate under the same Blacklist restrictions that the owner's settlement has put in place, just like holdings do. This should include the fire.
Xyzzy - gatherer, yeoman archer, swamp monster.
You can use Azoth to increase your chances of getting a +4 refine to put into the final crafted item, but cannot use Azoth to bump up the final crafted item and have it count to break the crafting gate.
Xyzzy - gatherer, yeoman archer, swamp monster.
Edam, who are these gangs of scrappy small-group skirmish PvPers? I only kill people who enter my territory (territorial control) and only those who are not allied with my Settlement.

Black Moria - who are these dangerous *Bandit players* that are only interested in killing people and taking their stuff? Not sure if Harad's PFO Atlas is up to date, but when he gets it so again, I think you will see who the most active group in *territorial control* is.

Bob - you have mentioned twice now how having to 1) Leave the Thornkeep area and 2) join a Settlement can opens people up to the possibility of unwanted PvP. Well, if the whole purpose of the game is Territorial Control, isn't joining a Settlement kinda mandatory??? PFO is not, nor was it EVER meant to be, a solo-able game - and neither is freakin Table Top Pathfinder! If you want people to feel safer longer, then expand the ring around TK of Ultimate Safety Hexes. Include a monster hex that goes through the normal random escalation rotations (like the one near UC), Place guards all along the Crusader Road, like there are near TK. Then, if you CHOOSE to leave this larger High Sec area, you know the risks. Have it delineated by the Blue Force Field (one you can pass through) effect so there is no question about when you leave High Sec. There is still plenty of gathering, crafting, monster killing etc to be done in the larger TK protected area. Joining a Settlement or Faction SHOULD open you up to PvP - otherwise, as Black Moria says - what kind of game is this?

PvP only happens in this game for three reasons as I ever see:

1) Stay out of MY hex! (territory control - easily avoided)

2) I want your hex (Holding Warfare/territorial control - easily avoided just don't show up to defend)

3) Fighting over escalations and who gets to kill the boss. (easily avoided - run away or stay out of monster hexes with T3 escalations running, which most new players will anyway)
Xyzzy - gatherer, yeoman archer, swamp monster.
Shields are not armor in PFO so they should not be able to be enchanted with Armor Only enchantments. If you want to do so, then you need to reevaluate the entire shield attack tree. I have PvP'd against a high level shield user and I can tell you first hand they do not need any more advantage smile
Xyzzy - gatherer, yeoman archer, swamp monster.
Can "unflagged Bart" follow me around, like a henchman, and heal and buff me whenever I decide to defend a holding, or attack a holding, or attack another player?

Having PLAYERS Flag & Unflag themselves does not seem to be an elegant solution to the problem of getting more players playing the game. If you want tons of Pathfinder TT players to play PFO, then maybe you should make a new/different game?

Only way to save (what I see as a poor idea) is to make the Hex decide when you are flagged or not, in whatever way you decide to do that. EVE Online handles it this way, and it works pretty well in my limited experience I have with the game. You should seriously consider this approach rather than the MESS that can potentially be created by putting it in the player's hands.

Seriously, besides the idiotic Forever War, when has there EVER IN THE WHOLE LIFE OF THE GAME been a problem with PvP? And, if it is an *image* problem (as you seemed to have indicated), then changing the game's raison d'etre seems to be a very poor/heavy handed way to go about fixing that.
Xyzzy - gatherer, yeoman archer, swamp monster.
+1 on all bullet points.

Harad Navar
After playing the Kingmaker arc in TT it was clear that the River Kingdoms was a wild and dangerous place. I think that having specific areas of PFO that are more "dangerous" than others make a valid link between PFO and the Kingmaker story. I think that turning expanding escalations back on would help with that "dangerous" feeling. But this is a PVP thread.
  • I think that PVP is also a valid way of making PFO feel more dangerous, even if I am not good at that.
  • I think making gathering in monster and monster home hexes only possible when PVP flagged is a valid way to make the game feel more dangerous.
  • As long as there is enough open (unclaimed) gathering hexes it might be reasonable to require a PVP flag to gather in claimed hexes if and only if the player has to actually agree to being flagged PVP before any gathering can be done, and if and only if the company/settlement which owns the holdings/outpost in that claimed hex sets a game flag turning this option on.
  • I do not think that it is reasonable to require players entering/passing through a claimed hex without gathering to be flagged as PVP.

  • I agree, +1 on all bullet points Except the last one.

    Lion Hexes are not short cuts to anywhere really, so there is no need to go *running through one* without being prepared to DO something in the hex (fight mobs, harvest resources, PvP) so there isn't really any reason why anyone entering a Lion hex shouldn't immediately be flagged for PvP.
    Xyzzy - gatherer, yeoman archer, swamp monster.