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Seems game feel better the profile with a RAM not overclocked, in my case 800MHz @ 1.5V
Yesterday I'd tried to play PFO with a smooth OC profile on my AMD Phenom II X4 810, 2.8 up from 2.6 GHz (RAM raise at 1434 MHz - 1.66V). This profile is usually stable. If starded before launching game, client crash during login screen. Otherwise, starting profile while yet in game, cause client crash immediatly…
Any hint?
Ye, i just set some role buildings with focus on Occultist and War Wizard (here i am smile ) cause they have a very different relative position compared to the NPC settlement map. Nowaday a in-game town map is running and work good, mine is odd (but i'm on to update it anyway!)
Would be nice to add in the Skirmisher and Dreadnaught schools, though.
Sheet could be so little and busy sometimes… smile
Hi all, hope could be helpful!

Thornkeep POI
Total agree this last one Dazyk…is for that I wrote about a beginner time. Now it's cool, we are tester (!) and we like land help on left and right…but i see the darkness cooooming smile
How many time before …"guys, can u tell me where trainer xyz is?" "in ur a***ole" "an**trainer!" "go play wow with LFR and Questhelper!!!!11!1"
"guys, how works facilities?" "ur fu****g mother know!" "an**!!!111" "kill the nooooooob!!!!1111!11!"

Don't think players interactions will miss or compromised just for a tag on minimap - in a starting area
I agree with Being. Next it will be exclamation points over NPC's heads. NO THANK YOU.
Why not? Don't seems so overrated as solution. I don't feel the "epic" in running around a town while targeting all npc to find the correct one. Do u read the chat right now? "Where is….?" "How can i…?" Little things now, could be a matter in future. If a beginner don't find what he need, he will change world.
Ctrl-V would be appreciated too
when equipping evoker feat it goes to the head slot on the paperdoll
no problem with evoker slot…