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All posts created by kyntaro

Ye, you right about my system but…
2.6 GHz MUST be absolutely enough to run everything…a non-optimal alpha client too (IMO)
I'm a lazy guysmile , always postponed the deal of 8 GB RAM…yep, my 2 GB are POOR and could be a problem

About connection, only problem i can assume is that i'm at other side of world. My ISP work good (enough), bandwidth and speed should be ok.
The error message appear instantly after pressing Log In button, any idle or waiting time occur. If i change my user name client answer me in same way without a real handshacking (seems so)
If i'm able to login and game crash waiting entering world, error message will appear on the next attempt to login.
For that i think could be something strange in local.
Hi all
just two words about my persistent problem to enter the game.
I've been gifted with an alpha-key 2 days ago. No problem to downloading an installing client.
In the Login screen, while press the button client say me "Could not connect: invalid IP/server name". The only way to solve that is to re-install client, and is not sure it work.
I passed the Login screen just a couple of time. After character creation, client crashed during loading terrain! (dump sent via mail). No way to login again, client answer with "Could not connect: invalid IP/server name". A new installation is required to try a new login. At second crash seems clear that client run out all memory available on system.
On all new installations Login screen show me my correct user name, is there some kind of undeletable cache around?
Is Login screen already connected to server at launch?
My config
Windows 7 64bit
AMD Phenom II X4 810 2.6 GHz
chipset AMD790FX
ATI Radeon HD4830 RV770 1GB
RAM Corsair 2 GB DDR3

[smile UTC +1]