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All posts created by riceavenger

Is it a DT account?
It is not. There are no perks associated with the account besides it being an early enrollment account.
Also the subscription I have for this account goes until April 12 so if you are interested be sure to make an offer before then to ensure you get all the experiment points possible.
Hey all. I had signed up for early enrollment and dabbled in the game for a bit but never really invested much time into it. I still kept letting my account get billed every month cause I wanted to keep collecting xp in case I ever decided to start playing more. I finally decided today that I'm never gonna get into the game so I figured I'd sell off the account to someone who is still playing.

As of right now the character has 924354 experience points - all the way back from day 1. Don't have any special equipment though since I never really played that much. However that is a lot of xp points to customize the character just the way you want so lots of potential there.

EDIT: I'm asking for $200.
If we have spare weapons and armor or other equipment, is it possible to salvage them to break them into components?