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All posts created by tribuzio

As the title say, I have no idea of what spellcraft do.
Someone can explain that to me?
As long as nobody says "this is my hex and I'm going to gank you if you enter it" then it doesn't matter where the spawn is.

Ustalavs are a slog. If you want a T3 expendable you're going to spend 40+ hours a week and maybe after a few months you might get one you want. The drop rate sucks. Few people have that much time on their hands or can stomach it. We have people who have put in 1000+ PvE hours into PFO that still haven't collected all of their T2 expendables let alone a single T3. As the population grows and demand for T3 expendables increases the situation is just going to get worse. PFO wasn't sold as a game for mind numbing hardcore grinding but at a certain point that's the only way to progress as an adventurer.

The most satisfying enhancement IMO is to put stronger mobs with better drop chances in all the other escalation types including some random wilderness encounters. If the base percent chance for an Ustalav Legend is 5 then up the ones for tougher escalations to 10 or even 20 please. The time it takes to find the good spawns and chew through Targs or Dark Elves is still going to result in players needing to put in a significant amount of PvE gameplay to collect what they need to advance their characters.

Are you sure it is so mind numbing and unrewarding exactly because you are farming it instead of despite you farming it?
AFAIK, killing the boss will yield a T2-T£ maneuver and recipe to all the member of the group killing him.
So 6 recipes and six maneuvers.
How many hours of farming you need to get that?
If the escalation respawn in 3 days and is complete in a couple of days, including the boss fight, it will drop more stuff than farming it for 5 days or less?

Essentially, it is possible that you are trading a short term, personal advantage "my group get more recipes and maneuvers" for a long term advantage "the whole server receive more recipes and maneuvers"?
Sometimes it's nice to be reminded that the CEO founded a company largely because the people who owned D&D weren't doing it well enough.
Yeah, I know that's not an accurate summary, but it's a good one.

It is nice to see (I already did know that, I have heard/seen her in game a few times) that the CEO of the company is a nice and helpful player. That isn't always a given.


I think she is Lisa Steven, but I can be wrong.
Only thing you can do is talk to your settlement. Like the others are saying, the respawn is 24 hours after boss kill for mini, 48 for T1, and 72 for T2. If all the ones in your area are gone, people are killing them when you're not on.

This isn't a problem with the game mechanics, I don't think. You can't really offensively lock someone out of their monster hexes by killing them while they're offline since you don't know what's going to spawn. Whatever does could take a full group one hour or 10, and any variance determines when the next one will spawn.

It's possible that people from your settlement are scouting all your monster hexes at the same time every day and killing the ones that are T1 or below. You should talk to those people.

Actually if it is always a multiple of 24 hours it is a problem of game mechanics.
The same people will be on when the escalation spawn and probably same people will kill it, either to benefit for it or to "make space" for a more interesting escalation. Something like multiples of 20 or 26 hours will work better as the escalation will spawn at different times during the day.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
You know if there were shield heraldry options some people would slot them just for the look, even though they are next to useless in combat.

Two things:

1) You bet I would!

Cute? No cute! I don't wield the red hot flaming sword sword because it is cute!
I wield it because it is impressive! smile
If you have a problem in your area - it is not likely to be people killing the little ones as something will respawn almost straight away if you kill a nature Wrath/Bonedancer/Broken Men. You probably have people killing off Druegar/Elemental/Drow/Nuhr Athemon level stuff which will result in a 2 to 3 day fallow before you get a new one.
Or simply playing at the wrong hours. Sunday morning is the moment when I have more time, but 10 AM for me is something like 2-4 AM for most of the US, so the middle level escalation have been wiped out and hadn't the time to regrowth.
Evidently I had missed some information. i thought they were still respawning only at DT.

Traveling from the South to NE for an escalation is a bit excessive for me. Especially as Dark elves aren't something I can do alone.
1) At what time of the day they respawn? AFAIK, only at DT. If it is every few days at DT it is worse.

2) "Edam can and does solo any low levels (Molochs down) near us in an hour or two with the intent of clearing them to allow something better." I.e in a few hours after DT all the low and mid level escalations have been completed. Nice for those doing that as they get the drops. Less nice for the players coming after them as they will have to hunt several hexes to find the same difficult level of enemies the early loggers have found clustered in a location. Plus the higher rewards for clearing the different stages of an escalation.

3) "not sure exactly what you are suggesting". That it would be a good idea to introduce a mechanic that respawn escalations not only at DT but during the whole day.
My experience actually is more about not finding a doable and interesting escalation 14 hours after DT.

My experience is that if more than half a day has passed after DT you find a lot of empty escalation hexes, the goblin escalations that regenerate every hour and the farmed, though escalations already brought to 0% strength.

Finding other kinds of escalation, like weak but above entry levels for new players, mid level difficulty for solo players or higher level escalations with strength above 0% is very rare.
With an hopefully increasing player base it will become even more rarer.

AFAIK the escalation are reseeded only at DT, but that penalize player that log well after it.