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It would be really interesting to see a log of how these numbers move over time if you'd be willing to post the statistics every month or two? - It's nice to get an idea of how things are progressing across the board as opposed to the limited views a lot of us get in our respective areas of the world.


Saiph the Fallen
Please tell me you left out reds being able to be healed.

They left it out.

Not sure if they left it out of the Patch or just the patch notes however… smile

Seriously tho, could someone more knowledgeable (and sensible) answer this?
I was wondering if you had any statistics on how many students go through PFU and continue to play and what companies they go on to?

+1 for meaningful decisions and encouraging diversity
Is the EE10 date still set for 10th July on the live server or has this been pushed back?

I've not seen any release notes for the test server yet, but I've never connected to it (not even sure I have access) so I can't even see if it's reached the test server yet…
A character logging in to a PvP battle at the objective location should not expect to be given the same latitude as a character logging in generally. They would be dead before they acted, and require more attentional and hardware resources than just running a naked alt back.

This was already happening in at least one settlement yesterday… players logging in not knowing the company was feuded and by the time the world was loaded they are dead.

We do really need something on the character login screen to let us know that a character we are logging in is in a currently feuded company.