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Events Calendar

This calender is a list of upcoming events in-game in Pathfinder Online. 

Monday, August 24th 9 PM EST Adventuring and game mechanics. Rotation of classes by Duffy covering martial classes, caster classes, hybrid classes and combat system. Mumble Channel, Port 3093.
Tuesday, August 25th 5:30PM EST Adventure Time with the High Priest of Desna. Basic combat, escalation and character building training hosted by Memory starting at the Thornkeep Auction House. Mumble Channel, Port 3093.
August 25th
9 PM EST Economy and Crafting. Rotation of lectures by Mistwalker on crafting, trading, equipment and keywords. Mumble Channel, Port 3093.
Wednesday, August 26th 8 PM EST Dev chats hosted by Hoffmann. Guest TBA. Mumble Channel, Port 3093.
Thursday, August 27th TBA PVP lessons by Phyllain (leader of Golgotha) or other instructor from EoX. Covering fighting, fleeing, reputation and consequences.
Friday, August 28th 5-9 PM EST PFU Helpline (Q&A). Professor Nactilius and the other PFU faculty hang out in the mumble (and game chat) to answer all questions, from how to make your first character to details of the latest patch. Mumble Channel, Port 3093.
Saturday, August 29th 7 PM EST Grand Tour running through different locations in the game hosted by Aurora Silverstar. More information can be found
Sunday, August 30th 1PM EST Adventure time with PFU! Faculty and students invite all to join us fight various escalations. Get your loot and achievements while socializing and picking up tips and strategies from a variety of groups. Mumble Channel, Port 3093.