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These are the major features scheduled for implementation next and the dates they'll be deployed to the live servers. A lot more improvements are planned even after Pathfinder Online enters Open Enrollment, all of which will be added to the roadmap as they get closer to implementation.

Oct/Nov 2019: OE 1

Per Character Subscriptions

Individual characters can be subscribed to earn XP over time.

Spellcrafter Structure

Spellcrafting (Enchanting) gets its own dedicated structure.

Nov/Dec 2019: OE 2


New role based on the Pathfinder Second Edition Alchemist class, with all-new feats, weapons, ammunition, attacks, achievements, recipes, and other supporting content.

New Escalation/Sequence

A new high-level escalation, along with a sequence incorporating it for release during the holidays.

Jan/Feb 2020: OE 3

Spreading Escalations

Some escalations will spread beyond their original monster/home hex by infecting neighboring hexes. They will only be able to infect a claimed hex through a successful holding invasion, and each escalation will have a limited ability to spread that is eventually depleted.

Mar/April 2020: OE 4

XP Purchases

XP can be purchased using Azoth, though with some limitations, and always less efficiently than it can be earned over time.


Players can forget the feats they’ve spent XP on and respec their characters, though at some cost, such as needing to re-earn achievements and not getting back any coin or items used to learn those feats.

Expanded Escalations

All existing escalations have enough phases and events to provide variety and a progressing storyline.

May/June 2020: OE 5

Flag for PvP

Players can’t attack or be attacked by other players unless they explicitly choose to participate in PvP.

Players that don’t choose to participate in PvP generally have the possessions they hold directly (equipped or in their inventory) protected from other players, but they can’t protect their mules or territory without flagging for PvP.

Incentives are provided for participating in individual and territorial conflict PvP.

Additional Elite Escalations

More existing escalations have Elite versions to challenge higher-ranked characters.

July/August 2020: OE 6


Players can choose a deity close to their alignment to worship, then build up faction points with that deity.

Trainers at buildings associated with deities will be restricted to the feats supported by those deities. Each rank of those feats will have a deity faction point prerequisite and learned ranks won’t be supported if the required deity faction points aren’t maintained.