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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.


Player-run settlements are the backbone of Pathfinder Online, offering the best support and training, along with greater opportunities to work together toward shared goals.

If you're new to the game we highly recommend that you seek out and interact with these groups as quickly as possible. Having a community will help you learn the game, and many game systems cater to settlement gameplay.


Offering training for Rogues and Mages, Alderwag is also the Crafting Center for the Commonwealthof the Free Highlands.


"In Chaos we are bound only by our Love for Freedom"

Blackwood Glade

Ask about our Swamp Monster.


Brighthaven is a Neutral Good settlement focused on defending its citizens and its allies from negative fringe based PvP (Player Killing and Griefing) while striving to become a large and shining beacon for Good. Whether you wish to benefit from this protection or you love PvP and wish to assist in providing this protection, Brighthaven aims to be the home and support center for you!

Brighthaven will provide a safe harbor, a place of relative security in the wilderness areas away from Thornkeep and Fort Inevitable. In striving for excellence we will also be offering good-aligned characters the highest level of training and services available anywhere in Pathfinder Online.

Caer Coedwig

Located on the southernmost edge of the Western Echo Woods, the settlement of Caer Coedwig is one of nine free cities that make up the Commonwealth of the Free Highlands. It is home to many fine craftsmen and women, along with good and honorable warriors, healers, and those who find solace in protecting the land.

The streets of Caer Coedwig are lined with many workshops, refineries, and laboratories. Caer Coedwig is also home to a Cathedral to Gozreh, an Auction House, and The Bearded Pig, one of the finest chophouses in all of the River Kingdoms.

Caer Coedwig is open to all who wish to visit. The settlement does not impose a strict rule of law. However, those whose intent is to cause harm to others will be dealt with accordingly.


There is No Peace Where the Will Falters

Carpe Noctem

Carpe Noctem welcomes players and companies that operate in our playing times which are mainly US night times. The philosophy of the settlement is Neutral and we will support the maximum training that we can.


Cauchemar is a newer Settlement (est. Nov. 2019), but growing as fast as it can and with a goal to remain independent and provide all members the freedom and support to play the game as they wish. If you have questions feel free contact


A besieged city in the Northern Cragthorns (very near Thornkeep) with most class training up to level 10.


Member of the Keepers of the High Covenant.

Dun Baile

Member of the Aragon Alliance.

Emerald Lodge

Explore, Report, Cooperate


Offering training for Fighters, Clerics of Abadar, Rogues, Experts and Freeholders, the north-eastern mountain settlement of Forgeholm will be focusing on high end metal and stone goods (crafted weapons and armor), specialized engineering services, refined smelting and gem cutting materials, and the export of Bulk Ore and Bulk Stone.

Fort Ouroboros

Fort Ouroboros is a gathering and refining hub and freeport in the South West.


"Through Strength of Arms, We Bring Peace"

Greystone Keep

Member of the Aeonian League.


A city of refiners, crafters, clerics, rogues, and rangers situated north of the Swamplands and west of the Southern Cragthorns. It is a haven for non-evil crafters, explorers and worshippers of Desna. Its citizens work together to assist and protect the community and its allies Hammerfall is guardian city and owner of Toad Hollow and Kevin. Hammerfall is the primary city for the Covenant of the Phoenix.

High Road

Offering training for Wizards, Rogues, Clerics, and Fighters, many craftsmen also call High Road home.

Hope's End

Member of the Aeonian League.

Keeper's Pass

Respecting life, protecting freedom, united against tyranny. We are a Crafting Settlement with friendly people and welcome many play styles including casual and Role playing. For more information check our Traveler's Guide to Keeper's Pass on the forums. If you wish to join with us in Keeper's Pass come visit us at our website.


Member of the Aragon Alliance.


Member of the Commonwealth of the Free Highlands

Oak Knoll

Oak Knoll is member settlement of the Aragon Alliance. We provide training to augment that which is available in the Aragon settlement itself. We hang out daily on the Aragon Alliance Discord chat channels. We are not recruiting, if you want to join the "Bandits", apply to the Aragonian Adventurers in the Aragon settlement itself.

Ozem's Vigil

Offering training for Clerics and Fighters, Ozem’s Vigil is the Refinement Center of the Commonwealth. Ozem’s Vigil is also the home of many Paladins in service to Iomedae (and may be the only place in the Commonwealth where calling someone a stuffy paladin isn’t automatically considered insulting.)


Creation. Destruction. Exploration. Contemplation. Magic. Nature. Mysteries.


North of Thornkeep, in a very rugged spur of the Southern Echo Peaks stands the fortress-town of Staalgard. It imposes its grim ramparts on a high peak commanding the high places and their wealth of metals, minerals and the high meadows rich in useful herbs and wildlife. Ogres, goblins and bandits are abundant and a constant threat. The mixed townsfolk of humans, elves and dwarves hold to the grim defense of their town and they tolerate little foolish behavior with their dour Lawful Neutral outlook. Staalgard is a miner's and metalworker's paradise, waiting for and welcoming of all that will come and take up residence in an area brimming with adventure and possibility.

Succinct Prime

The Order of the Raven seeks to bring Hellknight principles to the chaos of the River Kingdoms. We are LN, balancing the tenants of good and evil to bring order by any means. Join us in our quest to build a better world.


Member of the Aeonian League.


Member of the Keepers of the High Covenant.


It is said that if the wind is blowing just right, the festivals held in Tavernhold can be heard in Brighthaven. Tavernhold offers a Fighter College that has graduated many a Drunken Master, and a Cathedral of Freedom where clerics perfect their brews and spirits in the name of Cayden Cailean.

University Commons

The home of Pathfinder University.

Veggr Tor

A small settlement on the southernmost border of the Commonwealth, Veggr Tor offers training for Fighters and Wizards, and also shops for low-level refining.