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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

The Denouement Rules

After Pathfinder Online shuts down, aspects of the world you’ve all created with us will live on in Golarion, initially through a blog post on Paizo’s site that integrates our history with the larger world of Pathfinder. That writeup will be based on the final state of the world and its settlements, as well as past events. During the remaining months of operation, settlements can earn better stat blocks and more detailed writeups (e.g. longer descriptions, more names of notable player characters and companies, mentions of gathering/crafting/training specialties) by placing and upgrading settlement structures (particularly Pharasma statues) and by completing sequences that include the new Nhur Athemon’s Chosen escalation.

Settlements will be awarded Structure Points based on their structures/upgrades from their best active week during the game’s last four weeks, and must be active during at least one of those weeks to qualify for inclusion as an active settlement in the final writeup. Each structure gets Structure Points worth its Size/Type Value multiplied by its Upgrade Value:

  • Size/Type Value
    • Statue of Pharasma: 100
    • Large/Keep: 8
    • Medium: 4
    • Small: 2
    • Infrastructure (non-Pharasma): 1
  • Upgrade Value
    • 0: 1
    • 1: 2
    • 2: 3
    • 3: 5
    • 4: 7
    • 5: 10

Only one Statue of Pharasma is allowed per settlement and its contribution after being multiplied by Upgrade Value is restricted to 25% of the settlement’s total Structure Points unless the settlement is completely filled with +5 structures in all other slots.

Settlements are then ranked based on their Settlement Points, which are the sum of their Structure Points. Each qualified settlement will be given a stat block with its numerically-determined values (e.g. Classification, Population, Base Value) set based on their rank. They will also be given Pharasma Influence based on their Settlement Points, Settlement Rank, and their Pharasma statues.

  • Settlement Points
    • 1-78: 2 Pharasma Influence
    • 79-156: 3 Pharasma Influence
    • 157-234: 5 Pharasma Influence
    • 235-390: 8 Pharasma Influence
    • 391-546: 12 Pharasma Influence
    • 547-1770: 17 Pharasma Influence
  • Settlement Rank
    • 1: 15 Pharasma Influence
    • 2-3: 12 Pharasma Influence
    • 4-6: 9 Pharasma Influence
    • 7-10: 6 Pharasma Influence
    • 11-15: 3 Pharasma Influence
  • Statue of Pharasma
    • +0: 1 Pharasma Influence
    • +1: 2 Pharasma Influence
    • +2: 3 Pharasma Influence
    • +3: 5 Pharasma Influence
    • +4: 7 Pharasma Influence
    • +5: 10 Pharasma Influence

In addition, settlements will be given 2 Pharasma Influence each time they clear the final escalation from their assigned Nhur Athemon’s Chosen sequence, with the sequences/escalations being launched up to 3 times if each one is cleared before the deadline for the following wave.  

Once each settlement’s Pharasma Influence is tallied, Pharasma will in turn influence Bob to write longer descriptions and include more details for each settlement based on how much Pharasma Influence they have.

Any settlements that fall during these final months without being replaced or that fail to be active during the final four weeks will be listed very briefly in a Ghost Settlements section, with no stat block and at best a very brief description.

In the writeup for each settlement, specific names or other settlement details may need to be altered for legal or other reasons, and everything is ultimately subject to Paizo’s editorial needs and the goal of integrating the world of Pathfinder Online into the tabletop world of Golarian in as compelling a way as possible. However, we’ll seek feedback from anyone affected by such necessary changes and we’ll do our best to honor the preferences and requests of each settlement.

Update 1: Changed the requirements for clearing sequences to just be about clearing the final escalation of the sequences, since we'll only be relaunching the final escalation in cleared hexes for the second and third waves, rather than relaunching the full sequence each time in every assigned hex.